Budget Carry Forwards posted to May of fiscal year 18 (2017/18)

Published: 31May2017

This message is sent on behalf of Cristiane Tinmouth, Associate Vice-Principal, Financial Services & Bradley Tucker, Executive Director, Analysis, Planning and Budget...

Tri-Agency Monitoring Site Visit 2016 Results - updates & scorecard

Published: 26May2017

This message was previously sent out without the attached Scorecard – we apologize for the omission....

CQDM | Information Session for the Quantum Leap and SynergiQc programs


McGill University’s Office of Sponsored Research is hosting an information session on the funding opportunities through the CQDM’s Quantum Leap and SynergiQc programs. All researchers and...

McGill Sustainable Labs Guide for Researchers

Published: 11May2017

**This message is sent on behalf of Yves Beauchamp, Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) and Rose Goldstein, Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation) Dear Colleagues,

Month of April Closing Delayed | Month of May Fund Balances

Published: 8May2017

Please note that due to the extended University year end period, the month of April will not be closing according to the usual month end schedule. April 2017 is scheduled to be closed on May 30th....