2016 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide - Summary of Changes

Published: 18Nov2016

If you are involved with the financial administration of Tri-Agency grants (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC and CRC), please read the message below....

Innovation in Context


Phi Centre407 rue Saint Pierre, Espace A, Montreal, QC, H2Y 2M3, CAThe word "innovation" is everywhere. It refers to everything from technology to services to economic growth - but is innovation...

Travel Management Program Part II

Published: 1Nov2016

This message is sent on behalf of Morty Yalovsky, Interim Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) Dear colleagues,

Tri-Agency - NEW RULES for DELEGATION of Signing Authority

Published: 26Oct2016

This message is sent out on behalf of Elvie Coletta, Director, Research Financial Management Services, Financial Services...

First notification - Printing of McGill Cheques to be Outsourced

Published: 20Oct2016

This message is sent on behalf of Cristiane Tinmouth, Associate Vice-Principal, Financial Services and Ghilaine Roquet, Chief Information Officer, Office of the CIO Dear Colleagues,

2016 Friesen Prize Lecture: Dr. Janet Rossant, "From embryos to stem cells to personalized medicine"


Faculty Club3450 McTavish, Montreal , 3450 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC, H3A 0E5, CA"From embryos to stem cells to personalized medicine"...

National Geographic Society Information Session


James Administration Building, Room 301Montreal, QC, CAThe Office of Sponsored Research is pleased to invite McGill researchers and administrators to an information session on National Geographic...