McGill Spin-offs

McGill University has a culture of entrepreneurship, with 55 spin-offs (start-ups) formed to date. 40 of these are ongoing, ranging from early stage seed companies, such as Reflex Photonics Inc., to publicly traded companies like Adherex Inc. (AHX-T) and MethylGene Inc. (MYG-T).

McGill University is also affiliated with a venture capital fund that invests in McGill's technologies, iNovia Capital. iNovia concentrates on entrepreneurs who are building technology companies with high growth potential and that leverage the intellectual property emanating from its affiliated institutions.

The Office of Sponsored Research helps foster this entrepreneurial environment, guiding professors and graduate students through the process of forming a start-up based on McGill technologies. For external entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, and companies, the OSR can help identify available opportunities.

Contact an OSR Commercialization Officer to learn more.

McGill spin-offs

Since 1991, McGill has launched these 53 spin-offs based on research, technologies, and intellectual property developed at McGill University.

  1. Adherex Technologies Inc.
  2. Advanced Bioconcept Ltd. (acquired by NEN (New England Nuclear) Life Sciences, now PerkinElmer)
  3. Amblyotech
  4. Anagenis Inc. (acquired by Topigen Pharmaceuticals Inc. in 2004)
  5. Antalium Inc. (merged with Neuroceptor Inc. to form PainCeptor Pharma Corp. in 2003)
  6. Atlantic BioPharmaceuticals Inc. (merged with Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc. in 2002)
  7. Aurelium Biopharma Inc.
  8. BioMat Sciences Inc.
  9. BIOS Agriculture Inc.
  10. CommEff Innovations LLC
  11. Cosmas Therapeutics Development Inc.
  12. DFT MicroSystems Canada Inc. / DFT MicroSystems Inc. (USA)
  13. Drexma Reocito
  14. Exogen Neuroscience (Exogen merged with Apoptogen, Aegera Therapeutics)
  15. Gemin X Biotechnologies Inc. (acquired by Cephalon in 2011)
  16. GMP Endotherapeutics Inc. (acquired by GMP Companies Inc. who changed its name to LifeSync Holdings, Inc. in 2009)
  17. Independent Robotics
  18. KCLM Research in Nutrition
  19. Leap Medical
  20. LMS Medical Systems Inc.
  21. Debson-ITS
  22. MAGI Control Inc.
  23. MEMSVision
  24. MethylGene Inc.
  25. Micropharma Ltd.
  26. Mimetogen Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  27. MISPRO Biotech Services Inc.
  28. Molecular Biometrics LLC
  29. Molecular Forecaster Inc.
  30. MXT Inc.
  31. Mycota Biosciences Inc. (later Elitra Canada Ltd. , acquired by Merck Frosst Canada in 2004)
  32. NanoAcademic Technologies
  33. Neurovision Sciences Inc.
  34. Nexia Biotechnologies Inc.
  35. NexPlasmaGen Inc.
  36. Nova Molecular Inc. (acquired by Variagenics, which merged with Hyseq to form Nuvelo Inc. in 2003)
  37. Nuvelo Inc. (see NovaMoleular)
  38. Oncozyme
  39. OrGenX Biopharma Inc.
  40. Osta BioPharma Inc.
  41. PhageTech Inc. (now Targanta Therapeutics Inc.)
  42. Plastic Knowledge (previously Silk Display)
  43. RealContact Inc.
  44. Reflex Photonics Inc.
  45. REPLICor Inc.
  46. Resonant Medical Inc.
  47. RGS Genome Inc. (later Emerillon Therapeutics Inc.)
  48. Sarritor Inc.
  49. SCIREQ Scientific Respiratory Equipment Inc.
  50. SPORTLogiQ
  51. Stellate Systems Inc.
  52. Strida Pharma Inc.
  53. Traffic Therapeutics
  54. Tyrogene Biotechnologies Inc. (acquired by Kinetek Pharmaceuticals Inc. in 2003, which was acquired by QLT Inc. in 2004)
  55. WideSail Technologies Inc.
  56. Xanthus Life Sciences Inc. (now Antisoma plc )
  57. Zonula Inc.