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Master of Sacred Theology (STM)


Students who take the STM as part of their ordination requirements are to choose their courses in consultation with the Principal of the Theological College with which they are associated. Course selection for all STM students needs the approval of the Chair of the Religious Studies Graduate Committee.

Course requirements

(48 credit program)
Candidates are required to complete satisfactorily twelve 3-credit courses (36 credits) and pass (with Pass) four Area Studies courses (12 credits) chosen from the following areas:
RELG 520 Biblical Theology 
RELG 530 Church History 
RELG 531 Christian Theology 
RELG 540 Philosophy of Religion 
RELG 541 Theological Ethics 
RELG 550 Comparative Religion

Normally, six 3-credit courses and two Area Studies courses are taken in each academic year. The pass mark in courses is (B-) for STM students. Normally graduate courses should be chosen from at least four different specialty areas in Religious Studies. Applicants who are admitted directly into STM 2 are required to complete six one-term courses (18 credits) and two Area Studies (6 credits).