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Nature Walks, Talks and Tours

Wild Family Nature Club: June 4, 10:00-11:30

Join Redpath Museum educators at Girouard Park in NDG for our next Wild Family Nature Club, where a map has been found and clues have been left for the League of Explorers to find. Come and join us for a morning of fun and solving clues! Ages 5-10 years with adult. In English. Rain date: June 11, same time. Register and find out more here. No registration by phone.



June 19: Fossils and Father's Day

13h-14h 30

(in English)

Learn about the deep time fossils and geology of Montreal and make a fossil replica to take home. This workshop is for the whole family. We will all start with the fossil replica making and then take a short walk outside to hunt for fossils in the nearby building stones.  

Cost: $8/ father, all other family members FREE

Réservation : 514 398-4094 or redpath.museum @mcgill.ca

July 24,  16h-20h

Stones and Beer Bike Tour

Exciting bike trip exploring local history, fossils and rocks, architecture, secret spots and building stones. Tour starts with ancient fossils at the Redpath Museum and travels west along Sherbrooke St with stops at the Grand Séminaire, Leonard Cohen’s boyhood hom and finales with a beer tasting at McAuslan Brewery. Includes the popular booklet What Building Stones Tell, 5 microbrews (or juice), fresh market bread, fruit and cheese.  Cyclists only, reservation necessary. $20 adults, $10 senior/student, $25/Family. RSVP: 514-398-4094.What Building Stones Tell: A Walking Tour Focussing on the Fossils, Rocks and Minerals of Montreal Buildings

October 30, 11h-12h

The Stones walking tour

A walking tour of the fossils, minerals and secret spots found in the walls of some of downtown Montreal's proudest institutions. The tour starts at the Redpath Museum and returns along Sherbrooke Street west from the Beaux Arts Museum. All ages welcome. In english. Reservation necessary. $12 adult regular, $7 senior/student/child.  Includes a copy of the popular booklet What Building Stones Tell.  RSVP: 514-398-4094.


April 24, 10h30 - 17h: Jour de la Terre 

10h 30 – 11h 45: Family Nature Club outdoor activity: Small changes = Big Effects. 

13h-16h: Family Nature Fun. With student animators from Let's Talk Science (McGill). Get your passport to family nature fun and then spend the afternoon at the Museum checking out a variety of challenging activities. Includes the Rock On! mineral identification activity with a "mystery" mineral, a marine animal - ocean zones game where participants search and learn about sea-life, and a food web 'scavenger hunt' in the biodiversity exhibit areas. Activities are ongoing from 13h to 16h in most of the Museum's public galleries. No reservation necessary. Bilingual. Suggested donation: $ 10 / family passport; $5/ adult passport; $3/ student or child passport. At the door.  

12h-15h:  Kid's Earth Day films- Dimitri à Ubuyu (France, 2014) 26 minutes. Suitable for ages 3 and up (In French). One day a little sparrow from Europe named Dimitri landed on the plains of Ubuyu in Africa, and was forgotten there by his parents. Protected by Makeba the giraffe, Dimitri discovers Ubuyu’s animals and their way of life. His unintended vacation turns out to be unexpectedly rewarding. Every day, Dimitri learns to overcome his fears as he explores a world full of surprises. His new friends Oko the zebra and Pili the meerkat are there to encourage him and comfort him in the absence of his father and mother as he takes on new adventures day by day.

Fern Gully - The Last Rainforest (1992).  86 minutes. Suitable for ages 3 and up. (In English). Organized by the ambassadors of the Redpath Museum Terminonatator Crowdfunding campaign. 

16h: Earth Day concert with VOISA
Learn and listen to some traditional folk songs about midges, oaks and the resiliency of life with VOISA, Montreal's only a cappella Georgian chorale group. 

April 16, 10h-12h:  Walk for Wildlife: Birds Galore. To celebrate CWF's National Wildlife Week and Walk for Wildlife.  Learn about the Wild Family Nature Club program and how you can start up your own club and receive a free Canadian Wildlife Federation backpack full of activity cards and gear. Bring a picnic lunch and explore more on your own afterwards! For all ages.

McGill Bioblitz 2014

  The Redpath Museum and Science Outreach participated in the McGill BioBlitz last September and we'd like to share our experiences with you. Over 60 undergrads and their course profs and TA explored the insects, bees, wasps, birds, frogs, toads, salamanders, and snakes of the Morgan Arboretum in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. This project couldn't have happened without funding from McGill's Sustainability Projects Fund and the support, expertise, and enthusiasm of Drs. David Green and Heather Grey (Redpath Museum), Drs. Julia Freeman and David Goodin (Ethics, Knowledge, and Environment), Chris Cloutier and Scott Pemberton (Arboretum naturalists), Sheldon Harvey and the volunteers from Bird Protection Quebec, and all of the students who braved the cold and mud to experience some of the wonders of the Arboretum. We thank you for making this project such a success!

Wild Family Nature Club
Feb. 7, 10:30-12:00

Do you love getting outside to play and to explore nature? We do too! Come and learn about our new Wild Family Nature Club program and how you can start up your own club and receive a Canadian Wildlife Federation backpack full of activity cards and gear. All for free! Join us on February 7th from 10:30-11:45 at the Redpath Museum (room 106) for a short intro inside and then an hour of winter fun outside. This session's theme: shelters. Please bring a small snow shovel for each child. Register here for this free activitiy.