Special Events

Sept. 8, 16h - 17h

Narwhal Discoveries on Ice: Innovative Research Cracked Open

By Martin Nweeia        

In Auditorim  

Join explorer, Harvard scientist, and Smithsonian researcher Dr. Martin Nweeia as he shares new research and the wonders of the narwhal’s incredible tusk. Sponsored by the U.S. Consulate General in Montreal, Dr. Nweeia’s talk will deal with both Arctic science and social science. Dr. Martin Nweeia is one of the world’s foremost experts on narwhal tusks. He’s also a practicing dentist and a clinical instructor at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. As unusual as it may seem for a dentist to study narwhals, his profession comes in handy when studying medium-sized toothed whales. Dr. Nweeia will share his knowledge on the real-life unicorns of the sea and present new research and discoveries on these phenomenal mammals. There is definitely much more to their tusk than it appears!

Biography: Dr. Martin Nweeia is a practicing dentist, research scientist, explorer, professor and expert on the functional significance of the narwhal tusk and Inuit knowledge. The National Science Foundation scientist, National Geographic Explorer, Harvard/Smithsonian/Case Western Reserve scholar has published landmark studies on narwhal tusk sensory function, combining cutting edge science with Inuit knowledge.  He has appeared in Canada on the Daily Planet, Decouverte Canadian Discovery, CBC Radio and TV and in Canadian Geographic as well as four documentaries from National Geographic and two from the BBC. As a principal investigator for Narwhal Tusk Discoveries, The Narwhal Genome Initiative, Narwhal Qaujimajatuqangit and Narwhal HoloLens, he has brought together 47 institutions in twelve countries. Four museum exhibits have featured Dr. Nweeia’s research including the Arctic Voices exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Nature, and most recently the Smithsonian’s Narwhal: Revealing and Arctic Legend currently open until 2019.
Educated at Trinity College Hartford, Dr. Nweeia went on to earn his doctorates of dental surgery and dental medicine from Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Nweeia is currently lecturer at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, clinical assistant professor at Case School of Dental Medicine, and research associate in vertebrate zoology at the Smithsonian Institution and Cleveland Museum of Natural History. He was awarded two fellowships from the Smithsonian, and previously led dental studies on the Ticuna Indians of the Colombian Amazon, the Kogi Indians of the High Sierras of Colombia, and the Yap Islanders of Micronesia before traveling on 15 expeditions to the Canadian High Arctic collaborating with teams from Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Sept. 24, 13h - 16h

Marine Science Literacy @ Museum

To mark Science Literacy week at McGill, join us to explore the concepts, terminology and understandings we have of marine life and maritime heritage. We will explore the Canada C3 scientific voyage on the touch screen, check out the points of interest on the giant floor map, and for the younger audience, we will read stories and have puppets animate ocean life.


All events are free with donation to the museum, bilingual and family friendly.

Ongoing from 1 - 4 pm:

- We've selected some very special marine specimens from our collections that aren't usually on display. Check out the narwhal tusk, tiger shark jaw, seal skin, and others!  Main floor entrance hall.

- For the younger audience, we have puppets and stories about marine animals with special guest Captain Catalyst. In Auditorium

- Learn about the ground-breaking research on invasive species and microplastic pollution that takes place at the museum. Animated by students in Prof. Tony Ricciardi's Invasive Species research lab. Room 106.

- Join McGill's Let's Talk Science students for some fun, marine-themed hands-on learning activities. Room 106.

2 - 3 pm: Google hang-out with the scientists onboard the research lab on the Canada C3 expedition ship. In Auditorium.

​2:30 - 3:30 pm: Wild Family Nature Club​. We'll learn about some of Canada's weird and wonderful fishes on our giant C3 floor map. For families: children aged 5 and up. Outdoors (weather permitting) or in the Dawson Gallery (2nd floor).

3 pm: Documentary film A climate of change (2014). Produced as a prelude to the 2015 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Canadian production A Climate of Change relies on the expert insights of several revered scientists to debunk the skepticism of global warming deniers and advocate for greater urgency in preventing further planetary abuse. Armed with easily understandable testimony and clear and concise evidence, the film hopes to put an end to the debate and begin the search for real solutions to an ever-worsening global crisis. The scientists featured in the film speak to the various aspects of the climate change crisis. Dr. Kimberly Strong, a Professor Physics at the University of Toronto, dedicates her professional research career to the measurement and study of gasses and other pollutants in the atmosphere. Her findings indicate a dangerous trend of ozone depletion. Dr. John Smol, Professor of Biology at Queen's University, speaks of the changes occurring in the Arctic region. From there, scientists can comfortably predict the global changes to come. What they find in the Arctic is immensely troubling, as ancient ponds and lakes are shallowing at an alarming rate. Richard Peltier, the Director of the Centre for Global Change Science, outlines the dangers inherent in our rising sea levels, which are caused in significant measure by melting ice sheets and warming climates. In Auditorium.

Oct. 29, 14h: One with Nature 

Join us for an escorted visit of the new photographic exhibit by Anne-Josée Laquerre: ONE WITH NATURE - the Canadian Rockies and the Great Bear Rainforest. Captured while travelling the north-central coast of British Columbia in late summer of 2016, this exhibit features drawings and photographs of birds, black bears, grizzly bears, mezmerizing landscapes and the "spirit bear" or Moskgm'ol.

The visit starts with a bilingual presentation by the artist in Room 200. FREE with admission to Museum. No reservation necessary. INFO: 514-398-4094. Generous support of this exhibit from Aimia Inc.