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HOMECOMING 2014 @ Museum: October 17 - 19

October 17: Molecules and Broadway Musicals


By Joe Schwarcz, (Director, Office of Science and Society). This special Homecoming weekend Freaky Friday explores how chemistry and music intersect and how some music is directly influenced by molecular energy. Followed by the film Phantom of the Opera.

October 19: Science on Stage - Out of her Mind


(aka The Madwomen Monologues)

Madcap. Zany. Demented. Delusional. Crazy. Twisted. Obsessed. A collection of monologues by Colleen Curran  featuring  women who have momentarily lost their minds for what they believe, at least, is a good reason or a good cause.  They are all quite mad but in a very funny way.  It’s as much a scientific study of spot the psychological disorder or chemical imbalance as it’s  a theatrical look at: so just how much or how little does it take to make someone totally lose it? And as ever, wonderful Montreal actors will be performing this new work.

Colleen Curran’s previous comedies which have had debut readings at Redpath Museum Science on Stage are Godot at the Coconut Grove, Bearings, Down with Mrs. Charles Darwin and True Nature which launched the 2011-2012 season at Centaur Theatre.

This Science on Stage event is part of Homecoming 2014, in collaboration with Playwrights Workshop and McGill Science Outreach.

FREE, Everyone welcome. In Auditorium. 

Image: Theda Bara with skeleton. From Wikimedia commons.

October 19 Guided tours

11h  - Egyptian mummies, 12h - Mesozioc Dinosaurs and 13h - World Biodiversity

With student guides from the Redpath Museum Club. Meet in the Entrance Hall. Free, everyone welcome, no reservation necessary. In English.

Public Reading: A True Story

Sunday, November 2


By Denis Brault, M.Ed. McGill '80, Professor of Latin and Greek for La Fondation Humanitas

Written by a second century Greek writer and widely thought to be the first science fiction story, A True Story by Lucian of Samosata is about a war to rule the Morning Star by the kings of the Moon and the Sun. Some of its notable characters include dog-faced men fighting on winged acorns, cloud-centaurs and stalk-and-mushroom men. 

Musical accompaniment by cellist Vincent Bélanger. Part of a Public Reading Series.

Image:  The illustration shows a battle between the Moon and Sun people. This is a 17th-century Dutch edition. Taken from The Guardian, May 2011.

November 9


INTERSTELLAR: The Astronomy!

A SPECIAL post-release discussion of the movie INTERSTELLAR. Directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Matthew McConaghey, this film features a team of space travelers who manage to get through a wormhole

With Robert Rutledge (McGill Physics). 

The US/Canada Release of the film is Friday November 7th. We will host a post-viewing conversation and discussion on the astronomy of the movie. Go see the movie, then come to the discussion! SPOILERS will be had!

Free, everyone welcome. No reservation necessary. Not suitable for young children.

Sunday, November 23



Meet mineral 'experts', learn about the diversity and wonder of the world of minerals, and maybe play a game of Mineral BINGO. Special mineraelogical prizes! For all ages. Bilingual. FREE. No reservation required. Bring your own minerals and rocks to be examined and identified.

This event is co-hosted with the CIM Foundation / La fondation de l'ICM.

IMAGE: Dawsonite. Photo credit: Peter Tarassoff.


Mothers Day presentation:

The Golden Eagle Hunters: A Kazakh Photo Essay

May 11,   14h

By Bonnie Folkins. Montrealer Bonnie Folkins has travelled to Mongolia thirteen times since 2007 in order to photograph the Golden Eagle hunters of the Kazakh area. When she first ventured into this isolated corner of Mongolia, Folkins discovered the Kazakhs had retained their ancient tribal custom of hunting foxes in winter with the help of specially trained golden eagles. You can read about her work in the Horse Connection Magazine. FREE, Everyone welcome. In Auditorium.

EARTH DAY events @ Museum on April 13:

Synthetic Futures on Film


By Britt Wray

Synthetic biology is the most recent advancement in genetic engineering that modifies living systems for human ends, applying an "engineer's mindset" to the complexity of nature. From foods, fuels, and medicine to the resurrection of extinct species, the aim of synthetic biology is to replace the factory floor with the living cell. But how is it done? And what are some of the greater social, ethical, and environmental implications of our synthetic futures? Britt Wray is a biotech researcher and science radio producer making programs for the CBC. Britt will lead a guided tour of the synthetic biology landscape in this talk. Her presentation is accompanied by selected excerpts from a forthcoming documentary film on synthetic biology from Field Test Film Corps that she worked on as an editorial assistant in Portland, Oregon.

Earth Day Workshop: Creepy crawlies around us

April 13, 11h30 (in english) and/et 13 avril à 13h (en francais)

Zoom into the fascinating world of insects! With the help of a GUEPE naturalist, discover this often misunderstood universe. Expore the difference between vertebrates, invertebrates and insects. Learn more about insect bodies and how they use their their legs, head and abdomen. Explore their impressive specializations through different games and activities, and discvoer the diversity of the insect world through our collection! (In English).

EARTH HOUR @ Museum on March 29:

Stars Rock

19h- 22h

Join the members of the McGill Students' Astronomy Club and the members of the Redpath Museum Club for an evening of geology and star gazing. Event starts in the Redpath Museum Auditorium with an introduction to the fascinating science of earth and the heavens. Followed by a walk up Mont Royal for star gazing. Weather permitting.

Nuit blanche @ Museum: Flashlight tours

March 1,  7pm - 1 am (March 2)

FLASHLIGHT TOURS of the Redpath Museum. Part of the Hydro-Québec Nuit blanche à Montréal.  You can hear how a CBC reporter previewed the magic in 2014.
Special guests: Steampunk Montreal will be in attendance.

Tours / Visites à : 19h, 20h, 21h, 22h, 23h, et minuit
Duration / Durée : ≈ 40 min. chaque visite /each visit

Where / Lieu :         Musée  Redpath  Museum

Université McGill, 859 rue Sherbrooke ouest  Metro: McGill       Bus: 24

Cost / Coût :    $4 regulier OU $2 enfant/etudiant/l'age d'or, maximum pour famille = $10 à la porte / at the door.

IMAGE: Torsten Bernhardt.


Odysseus and his Women

Sunday, November 17th,  2 pm

By Denis Brault, Professor of Latin and Greek for La Fondation Humanitas. A public reading from the text of Homer's Odyssey (in English) on the theme of the hero Odysseus' encounters and relationship with women. Accompanied by cellist Vincent Bélanger. Program includes a note on the translation of the text and selected readings from Book One: A Meeting of the Gods on the subject of Odysseus; Book Five: Seven years with Calypso; Book Six: Odysseus encounters with the Phaeacian princess Nausicaa; Book Ten: Odysseus and the Sorceress Circe; Book Twelve: The Sirens; Book Thirteen: Odysseus and Athena and Book Twenty-Three: Odysseus returns home to his wife PenelopeFREE, Everyone welcome. Not suitable for young children. In Auditorium.

Images:   Prof. Denis Brault and Odysseus and the Sirens depicted on an Attic red-figured stamnos, from around 480-470 BC.  In British Museum. Taken from Wikimedia Commons.

Science on Stage: The Science of Comedy

Sunday, October 20th, 14h

What’s so funny to some people and not funny at all to everybody else? Scientists are still trying to discover where the funny bone is and just what part of the brain makes us laugh.

Nothing is a sure thing comedy wise. It is one of life’s greatest mysteries. The Greeks said it all had to do with the four humours, if they were unbalanced so were you and nothing amused you. Some people believe that if you try to analyze comedy, you kill it. E. B. White said that examining Comedy was like dissecting a frog, they both died from it. This Science on Stage event is a staged reading of a new play by McGill Alumna Colleen Curran (B.Ed '81) called GODOT AT THE COCONUT GROVE, and brought to you by Playwrights Workshop and McGill Science Outreach.

Colleen Curran’s play TRUE NATURE first presented in Redpath Museum’s Science on Stage Series and went on to premiere at Centaur Theatre in 2011. FREE, Everyone welcome. In Auditorium. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

Special exhibit: Lady Into Fox

Monday August 12th,  Guided tour at 13h

Lady Into Fox is an exhibition which dates back to the late Victorian era and the tale of a woman who suddenly transforms into a fox and how she and her husband struggle to come to terms with her new physical form and the eventual change in their natures. It is an exhibition which challenges notions of fact, fiction, science, authority and the miraculous. Come join Dr. Aidan Gillian for the short film depicting the novella, a guided tour of the Lady Into Fox collection of artifacts, with tea to follow!  

FREE. In English. No reservations necessary. Everyone welcome. Starts in Auditorium.


Women in Science, Engineering and Medicine Symposium (WISEMS) on October 8, 9, 2012

The "best of" WISEMS have been compiled as a Webcast.  

 Past and future challenges for Women in Science, Engineering and Medicine with Margaret Rossiter (Marie Underhill Noll Professor of the History of Science at Cornell University), Ruby Heap (University of Ottawa), Rima Rozen (Associate Vice-Principal, Research &  International Relations, McGill), Peter Campbell (Queen's University) , Ariane Marelli (McGill University, Harvard Medical School).

Reaching for the stars by Astronaut Julie Payette.

Challenges facing women today in science, engineering and medicine with Suzanne Fortier (President, NSERC), Rose Goldstein (VP Research, McGill) , Marianna Newkirk (Medicine, McGill University), Catherine Potvin (Biology, McGill University) and Tracy Webb (Physics, McGill University).

Student reflections about WISEMS: Katharine Yagi, a graduate student in McGill Biology, reflects on the presentations and how the information affected her as a young woman scientist at McGill. She even adds some very personal information about her mother’s experiences as a young fisheries biologist in Ontario in the late 1970s. Here is her concluding sentence with a recommendation to continue WISEMS: “In reflection I think having an annual WISEMS symposium would be very influential and a good idea. ... to help inform the public of the issues women are still having in the workforce, particularly in science and engineering. I really think most people don’t even realize women would have issues like these, largely because they don’t think of women working in science-related positions in the first place."

IMAGE: Carrie Derick, photo by Watson Davis, probably taken at the British Association of Science meeting, Toronto, Canada, August 1924. From Smithsonian Archives, retrieved from Wikipedia Commons.

 Funding and support for WISEMS from the Beatty Memorial Lectures Committee /Cette conférence est présentée grâce à l'aide financière du Comité des conférences commémoratives Beatty, Situating Science (SSHRC), McGill Science Outreach (Dean of Science), McGill Institute for the Study of Canada (MISC), McGill History and Classical Studies, and McGill Faculty of Medicine.


November 17: Bronwyn Chester's Tree Dedication Ceremony

Read The Gazette article about this event.  To contribute to a special fund that has been set up for McGill's planted landscape please send a cheque made out to Bronwyn Chester Fund, McGill University or Allocation # 05187. Mail to: Donation and Record Services, McGill University, Martlet House, 1430 Peel Street, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 3T3. Bronwyn’s tree, Amelanchier laevis , commonly known as the Shadbush, Smooth Serviceberry, or Indian Pear, likes to grow in slightly shaded areas. Bronwyn liked it because it is one of the earliest native trees to produce fruit.  As she said in her article about this species:  “A sweet city is a city, which in my books, has fruit for the picking! “. From Bronwyn's article entitled “Paying service to service berries”.

Check this NFB documentary short film Sacrée montagne - Les arbres, about Bronwyn's keen interest and respect for trees.

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