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Special Events

  Special Documentary film: The Bat Man of Mexico 

   Sunday, March 29, 3 pm

  This is the educational premiere of the BBC documentary film about the work of Rodrigo Medellin, Mexico's very own 'Bat Man'. Since he first kept vampire bats in his bathroom as a child, Rodrigo has dedicated his life to saving them. Now Mexico's most famous export, tequila, is at stake. Rodrigo's beloved lesser long-nosed bat is crucial to the liquor - pollinating the plants the drink is made from. To save both, Rodrigo must track the bats' epic migration across Mexico - braving hurricanes, snakes, Mayan tombs and seas of cockroaches. Rodrigo Medellin will be in attendace at this event.

Co-sponsored with the Québec Centre for Biodiversity Science/Centre de la Science de la Biodiversité du Québec (QCBS), the Office for Science and Society (OSS), the Neotropical Environment Option (NEO), and McGill Science Outreach.

  FREE, In Auditorium.

Everyone welcome. No reservation necessary.

  Sunday, April 19, 14h: Science on Stage: Socrates, the ultimate freedom

  A public reading from Plato's Socratic dialogues. By Denis Brault (Professor of Latin and Ancient Greek, La Fondation Humanitas Foundation). 

  Accompanied by cellist Vincent Bélanger.

  FREE. No reservation required. In Auditorium.

 May 24 mai: Journée de la musées montréalaise / Montreal Museums Day

 10h - 16h

  @ Musée Redpath Museum

Outdoor activity / Activité à l’extérieur:

  • Faites un moulage de fossile en plâtre / Make your own fossil replica

        10h – 16h, weather permitting / si le temps le permet

  • Solar viewing / Observation du soleil avec / with The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada / Société royale d’astronomie du Canada

        10h – 16h, weather permitting / si le temps le permet

Dans le Musée / In the Museum (11h, 12h & 13h, Galerie Dawson Gallery)

  • Les dinosaures du Canada / Dinosaurs of Canada avec / with La Société de Paléontologie du Québec

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