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Darwin Day lecture: Darwin, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy

Sunday, Feb. 15, 4 pm

By Prof. Anna Berman (Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, McGill)

In the second half of the nineteenth century Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution spread like wildfire across Europe.  Heated debates ensued as intellectuals were forced to reconsider deeply held beliefs about the world and man’s place in it.  In Russia, these debates seeped into the great novels of writers like Fyodor Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy.  This presentation explores the way Dostoevsky and Tolstoy responded to Darwin, casting light on the complicated relationship between science and literature in the nineteenth century. FREE, Everyone welcome. In Auditorium.

Nuit blanche : Flashlight tours

Saturday, Feb. 28, 7 pm to midnight

As part of the Hydro-Québec Nuit blanche à Montréal, join us for flashlight tours of the Museum's exhibits and secret spots. Shed light on Egyptian mummies and prehistoric dinosaur skeletons with flashlight tours by student guides from the Redpath Museum Club and animators from Steampunk Montreal.

All ages welcome. No reservation required.
Activity schedule: 7 pm - midnight, every hour on the hour.
Price including taxes: Cost:$4 regular OR $2 for student/child/senior, maximum for family group = $10. At the door.


HOMECOMING 2014 @ Museum: October 17 - 19
October 17: Molecules and Broadway Musicals


By Joe Schwarcz, (Director, Office of Science and Society). This special Homecoming weekend Freaky Friday explores how chemistry and music intersect and how some music is directly influenced by molecular energy. Followed by the film Phantom of the Opera.

October 19: Science on Stage - Out of her Mind (aka The Madwomen Monologues)

Madcap. Zany. Demented. Delusional. Crazy. Twisted. Obsessed. A collection of monologues by Colleen Curran  featuring  women who have momentarily lost their minds for what they believe, at least, is a good reason or a good cause.  They are all quite mad but in a very funny way.  It’s as much a scientific study of spot the psychological disorder or chemical imbalance as it’s  a theatrical look at: so just how much or how little does it take to make someone totally lose it? And as ever, wonderful Montreal actors will be performing this new work.

Colleen Curran’s previous comedies which have had debut readings at Redpath Museum Science on Stage are Godot at the Coconut Grove, Bearings, Down with Mrs. Charles Darwin and True Nature which launched the 2011-2012 season at Centaur Theatre. This Science on Stage event is part of Homecoming 2014, in collaboration with McGill Science Outreach. FREE, Everyone welcome. In Auditorium.

October 19 Book launch: Island of Trees

Celebrating the publication of Bronwyn Chester's Island of Trees. This book follows the trail of 50 Montreal trees and defines each one and interprets the tree’s story—stories that anchor us in time and place.
Illustrated by Jean-Luc Trudel and Charles l’Heureux, this booklet will be available for sale at the launch. In Auditorium. FREE, Everyone welcome. No reservation necessary.

Bronwyn Chester wrote a column on trees for the Montreal Gazette and was influential in the city as a naturalist. Check this NFB documentary short film Sacrée montagne - Les arbres, about Bronwyn's keen interest and respect for trees.

Science on Stage: A TRUE STORY

November 2, 14h

By Denis Brault, M.Ed. McGill '80, Professor of Latin and Greek for La Fondation Humanitas.  Written by a second century Greek writer and widely thought to be the first science fiction story, A True Story by Lucian of Samosata is about a war to rule the Morning Star by the kings of the Moon and the Sun. Some of its notable characters include dog-faced men fighting on winged acorns, cloud-centaurs and stalk-and-mushroom men. The reading will be given by Professor Denis Brault, who teaches Latin and  Ancient Greek for La Fondation Humanitas. Professor Brault will give a brief introduction to the reading, and musical interludes will be provided by cellist Vincent Bélanger, whose CD's can be purchased after the reading. Part of a Public Reading Series.