Your Redpath Museum Visit: Registration Form

ALL GROUPS must book prior to their visit, whether they are visiting on Sunday afternoons or during the weekday. Before submitting your request for a group visit by completing the registration form below, you might wish to read the descriptions of the different options here.


Non-guided group visits: $4/student or participant
$2/post-secondary student
Guided tours: $7/student or participant


1. The maximum group size for any visit or tour is 50 students. Accompanying teachers and adults are free.

2. The Museum is open on Fridays during the summer (except June 21 and 28), but cannot accommodate group visits on Fridays for the summer period.

3. Cancellations must be made at least two weeks (14 calendar days) prior to a visit. Late cancellation fees: no fee for non guided visits; $50 for guided visits. Please note that completing this form is not a confirmation of your visit. We will verify the availability of your date and get back to you as soon as possible. You will receive confirmation of the date, time and cost of your visit by email or fax.

4. These prices include taxes. $3.48 + taxes = $4/person for a non guided visit; $1.74 + taxes = $2/post-secondary student; $6.09 + taxes = $7/person for all guided visits with minimum $86.98 + taxes = $100 for groups of less than 15 people.

Please call 514-398-4086, ext 00549, if you have any difficulty with this form.

e.g. Monday February 24, 2010. Visits and tours take place Tuesday-Friday.
Guided tours: minimum 15 students. All visits and guided tours: maximum 50 students.
If you have had a guided tour at the Redpath Museum before, you may recall some of our guides. Please let us know your experience and we will do our best to accommodate your preferences. Thank you.
This should be the legal name of the entity.
For Montreal only. Other locations, please use name of city.