Redpath Museum Awards

Delise Alison Award - Graduate Student Development Award

(Your  McGill student I.D. # should appear on the application)

The Redpath Museum is pleased to announce the Delise Alison Award made possible through the bequest of Delise Alison, a long-time friend and dedicated zoologist of the Redpath Museum. The award is intended to enhance the training of outstanding graduate students by facilitating their travel to a major conference, workshop or technical course, field site or collaborator’s lab. This fund is an endowment and therefore the award varies from year to year between $500-$1500.

The 2016 recipient was Ingrid Birker. The award allowed her to represent the Redpath Museum at the Canadian Museums Association National Conference in Halifax, NS on April 11-16. Ingrid gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canadian Museums Association and the Dept. of Canadian Heritage.

Specific types of travel eligible for the award:

  1. A major conference where the student will give a presentation on research undertaken at the Redpath Museum.
  2. A workshop or technical course in the student’s area of research.
  3. Other research related travel, such as to field sites, collaborative laboratories, and museum collections.

  Applicants should explain why this travel is important for their development.

 Terms and conditions (please read carefully):

  1. Eligible graduate students are those with supervisors or co-supervisors who hold appointments in the RedpathMuseum.
  2. Students who have not previously received the award will be given priority.
  3. Students who have received other travel awards will be limited to a maximum award of $500.
  4. The requested travel must take place within one year of the award’s announcement.
  5. Successful applicants must provide a written account of how they used the funds.

 Graduate students at all levels of their academic training are eligible for this award.

Application: Please send the following items in a SINGLE-PAGE PDF document by January 31, 2016 to Rowan Barrett (rowan [dot] barrett [at] mcgill [dot] ca). Single spaced is fine.

  1. Student statement: explain why the travel is important to your academic development (max 200 words).
  2. Supervisor statement: affirm the content of the student’s statement and explain why funds are not available to support the requested travel (max 200 words).
  3. Budget statement: e.g., registration fee, housing costs, flight costs (max 100 words). Please also note all other travel awards applied for in 2012 (and any received).

 Decisions: The selection committee is made up of the Redpath Museum’s academic staff.

The Redpath Museum is pleased to announce a new award for undergraduate students:

Redpath Museum Excellence (REDME) Award

Established in 2013 by the Redpath Museum to a graduating student in the Minor Natural History program who has demonstrated a combination of outstanding leadership qualities, service and academic standing. Nominations should be sent to the Redpath Museum Curriculum Committee by January 30 of the graduating year. Awarded by the Faculty of Science Scholarships Committee on the recommendation of the Director of the Redpath Museum.

Value: value varies ($200 minimum)


• Student(s) must be in their graduating year.

• Student(s) must be enrolled in the Minor Natural History (Faculty of Science).


1. Applicant must submit a proposal and CV. The proposal should be no more than one page in length. It should be a statement written by the applicaton which demonstrates involvement in Museum-related community service and leadership activities, such as participation in the Redpath Museum’s educational program; and/or volunteer service in the McGill Science Outreach program; and/or involvement with museum-based research activities and projects.

2. Applicant must submit an academic transcript which demonstrates high academic achievement.

3. Applicant must submit one letter of reference from a McGill staff or faculty member that affirms the content of the student’s proposal.

Please send the following items in a SINGLE-PAGE PDF document to Rowan Barrett (rowan [dot] barrett [at] mcgill [dot] ca):

1. Student’s proposal and CV.

2. Unofficial transcript.

3. Letter of reference.

Application deadline: January 31, 2016.

Announcement: Spring convocation.

Class of 66 Award

The Class of ’66 Award was generously established by the Arts and Science Class of 1966 on the 25th anniversary of their graduation. This award is open to Faculty of Science students who are pursuing graduate work at the Redpath Museum. The award is intended to enhance the training of one outstanding Redpath Museum student. The exact value varies but is approximately $5,000.


1. All graduate students whose supervisors hold an appointment in the Redpath Museum are encouraged to apply.

Award conditions:

1. Applicants will submit an academic transcript and proposal explaining how this award will enhance their training.

2. Successful applicants will submit a post-award statement indicating what they accomplished during the award year.

3. The applicant’s supervisor will affirm the content of the student’s proposal.


Please send the following items in a PDF document to Rowan Barrett (rowan [dot] barrett [at] mcgill [dot] ca):

1. Student’s proposal.

2. Unofficial transcript.

3. Supervisor’s testimonial.

Application deadline:

January 31, 2016.

Decisions:  Candidates are selected by the Director of the Museum with recommendations from the Curriculum Committee.

Check here for images from the 2016 Homecoming Symposium for the Class of 66.