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Wondering what it's like to do hands-on field work or have a career in Biology or Palaeontology?

 Digging Dinosaurs for Credit

Digging for DinosaursImagine taking a course and finding a dinosaur... Digging Dinosaurs For Credit describes just that!

Two very different careers in palaeontology

Are you fascinated by fossils? Read about the different career paths followed by Dr. Hans Larsson, Associate Professor at the Redpath Museum, and Chantal Montreuil, the Museum's palaeontology technician. Biographies of Hans Larsson and Chantal Montreuil

Hans Larsson

Ever wondered what a paleontologist has in his office? Listen to Dr. Hans Larsson discuss some of his personal favourites from Earth’s ancient past in this slideshow from Headway.

Field work in Biology

What do Biology graduate students do?

Exotic amphipod I. Written by a high school student, this article in Le Soleil du Châteauguay describes some of the work that Åsa Kestrup — one of the Redpath Museum's doctoral students — has done on invasive amphipods in Lac Saint-Louis. (In French.)

II. NEW! In this video from the Montreal Gazette, Sunci Avlijas, graduate student here at the Museum, discusses how she carries out her work with invasive species in the Saint-Lawrence River.


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