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The Redpath Museum possesses a rich repository of knowledge and educational resources which contribute to the understanding of Canada's natural history and the world's material cultures. We are committed to providing educational resources, programs and activities that serve our visitors.

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NEW! Earth Science resources for teachers

FREE from Mining Matters|Une mine de renseignements. Developed by teachers for teachers that meet provincial curricula guidelines, the Earth Science workshops provides training to successfully implement the classroom activities.

Here is the organization website, visit the Teacher resources page:

Here is a summary of the Teachers Workshops. Only 8 teachers are needed for me to host a French or English Earth Science workshop.

This group hosts a national challenge in the Fall  for students from 9-14 yrs old called the WHERE challenge.


Use our Museum Scavenger Hunt to help guide your students during their visit to the Museum.

For ages 8+: Scavenger Hunt (Primary school age)

For ages 2-7: Scavenger Hunt (Younger or Pre-school age)

Online exhibits

Don't forget to check out the Online Exhibits page for more resources and information on the biodiversity of Quebec and Canada, the biodiversity of amphibians and insects, and the minerals of Quebec.


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Other resources at McGill

The WOW Lab at McGill's Faculty of Science offers resources to help teachers develop engaging science activities for their classroom.

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