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All these booklets are available for sale at the Museum. 

A Leafy LegacyA Leafy Legacy: The Trees of McGill University (2009, 32 pages, colour illustrations)

Self-guided walking tours that introduce 50 of McGill's downtown campus trees. Written by Bronwyn Chester and illustrated by Jean-Luc Trudel, this booklet follows the trail of 50 McGill trees, defines each one, and interprets the tree's story. Bronwyn Chester wrote a column for the Montreal Gazette entitled Island of Trees and was editor of the McGill Reporter. Bronwyn died in 2012. Her posthumous book entitled Island of Trees (Vehicule Press, 2014) is available at most Montreal bookstores.

IMAGE: Bronwyn Chester in Sacrée Montagne- les arbres (NFB, 2012) which features McGill's trees. 

Tea and Fossils: A Brief History of the Redpath Museum

Tea and Fossils: A Brief History of the Redpath Museum
(2007, 21 pages, colour cover with black and white illustrated interior). Over 125 years of the history of the Redpath Museum, from its origin as a few cabinets labelled "McGill College Collection" to its opening in 1882 and transformation into a leading research and teaching facility that houses over three million objects.

What Building Stones Tell: A Walking Tour Focussing on the Fossils, Rocks and Minerals of Montreal BuildingsWhat Building Stones Tell  (OUT OF PRINT)

(2002, 31 pages, colour cover with black and white illustrated interior). A walking tour that covers 14 buildings in the Montreal downtown core: what stones they were built with and the fossils that many contain, a history that goes back almost a billion years. Print up your own copy here.

Redpath Museum gallery guide(2010, 96 pages, colour illustrations)

This lavishly illustrated book is a self-guided tour through the history-of-life collections at the museum. The Fossils’ Tale explains why fossils are important, how they’re formed, and what they tell us about life on Earth over its four and a half billion year history.


These booklets were made possible with funding from the Museums Assistance Programme of Heritage Canada, the PromoScience programme of NSERC, and Programme Etalez votre science (Ministère de la culture et communications, Quebec).

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