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Access to the collections

The Redpath Museum provides access to the collection for research, education and public programs. Access is provided in a number of ways, including permanent exhibits, public program events, school visits, electronic catalogues and loans.

Access to the collections of Zoology, Paleontology and Mineralogy

Access to the collections is restricted to curators and curatorial staff, faculty and students who need to use the collections for research or teaching, and to visitors with supervision.

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Redpath Museum

The Redpath Museum, one of Canada's oldest free-standing museums, functions as a unique interdisciplinary unit within the Faculty of Science. As a Museum it preserves and displays large collections of ancient and modern organisms, minerals, and world culture (ethnological) artefacts. As an academic unit it serves as a centre for the teaching and writing of science, as well as a research centre for the history of life and biodiversity of the planet.