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Sir William Dawson, 1882 - 1892

Frank Williams Dawson

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CERN, the early years

A conversation with Richard W. Penney. Moderated by Nigel Penney on November 24, 2013, in the Redpath Museum. With support from Tomlinson Project (Chair David Harpp), Martin Grant (Dean of Science) and McGill Science Outreach.

Freaky Friday: Soldier ants and are human supersoldiers possible?

By Ehab Abouheif (Biol

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Work Study at the Redpath Museum

The Work Study program at McGill provides funding for undergraduate and graduate students to work on-campus. Opportunities are periodically available at the Redpath Musuem.

Interested students are encouraged to look at the Work Study website, where current opportunities for the Museum (as well with other departments) are listed.

Special Events

24th Annual Canadian Palaeontology Conference 2014

August 28-31

Joint annual meeting of the Canadian Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology and the Palaeontology Division of the Geological Association of Canada.

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Nature Walks, Talks and Tours

Birds of Mont Royal

Sept 20, 8h - 12h

With Sheldon Harvey (President) and members of Bird Protection Quebec


Highlights of the vertebrate collection include the oldest known terrestrial fauna from the Carboniferous of Joggins, Nova Scotia, the largest collection of invertebrate Ordovician fossils from the Saint Lawrence Lowlands (about 150 000 specimens), and a noteworthy collection of Burgess Shale fossils collected by T.H. Clark in 1924 as well as about 1000 Type and Figured specimens. The Museum also holds all the Dawson type specimens of fossil plants, including the oldest vascular plants from the Devonian of eastern Canada.

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