Booking the Redpath Museum for an Event

Welcome to the Redpath Museum. We encourage as many groups as possible to use this unique building and hope that you will enjoy your visit. Here is some background information to make your arrangements go more smoothly.

Academic Bookings (scheduled classes ) for the auditorium, Hodgson and lab (Room 106) take precedence over all other bookings, with priority for the Auditorium given to courses that require video-conferencing.

1. Academic bookings are arranged by the Faculty of Science through Janet Martone at local 00643.

2. All other groups must contact Debbie Yacoulis

3. Redpath Museum groups, Dean of Science and Science Development Office, Biology Department and McGill School of the Environment contact Torsten Bernhardt at local 00549.

Events serving alcoholic beverages must contact Debbie Yacoulis