Redpath Museum: Booking Request Form


Thank you for your interest in the Redpath Museum spaces. Please note that we will check on the availability of the room and get back to you as soon as possible.

We encourage as many groups as possible to use this unique institution and to view its beautiful Victorian architecture and its exhibits.

Booking your event at the Redpath Museum is also a way to help directly support the educational program and care of the collections.

Please fill out the Booking Request form at the bottom of this page once you have read the following information and if you need further information, you can write to reservation.redpath [at]

Booking the Redpath Museum auditorium

Academic Bookings (scheduled classes) for the auditorium and teaching lab (Room 106) take precedence over all other bookings, with priority for the Auditorium given to courses that require video-conferencing.

Those from the Redpath Museum, Dean of Science and Science Development Office, Biology Department and McGill School of the Environment should contact Marie LaRicca, the Administrative Officer, at local 3188.

All other groups should fill out the Booking Request Form at the bottom of this page. If you do not find the information you need, please email reservation.redpath [at]

A $100 fee will be levied for any items left behind at the Museum after the event. It is the event organizer's responsability to fully clear the area of all items related to the event.

Requests to serve alcoholic beverages at events must be made through this form (for McGill organizations) or by contacting McGill Events (non-McGill organizations).

Booking the auditorium after 5 pm and on weekends

A group that uses the Museum outside regular hours (after 5 pm on working days, or on weekends or holidays) is responsible for paying for porter and security services. These services will be booked by the Museum and follow museum and university guidelines. 

For information, the rates are as follow:

Porter: 48$ per hour ($51 per hour after 1 May 2016)
Minimum charge: 3 hours
Security guard:

McGill departments/organizations: $28.90 per hour (non-taxable) ($29.45 per hour after 1 May 2016)

Non-McGill organizations: $36.15 per hour + tx ($36.85 per hour after 1 May 2016)

Minimum charge: 4 hours.

These rates will be increased if the event requires the agents to work overtime or during a holiday.

Please note that there is a 30-minute surcharge added to every request: this accounts for travel time between the Security office and the work site (round-trip). A 60-minute surcharge applies to more distant locations off campus. The surcharge does not apply if the total billing is four (4) hours or less.


Audio Visual

All audiovisual equipment in the Redpath Museum auditorium is under the responsibility of McGill IT Customer Services (ICS). Please add information in the booking form should your event have special requirements.

Catering Services

Someone from your organization must be at the Museum to receive food, drink and catering supplies. We cannot take responsibility for this. Anything left over should be cleared and picked up at the end of the event and before you leave.


Booking fees will apply in addition to standard costs.


Auditorium: maximum 100-120, conditional on museum program for the day/time of the proposed event. 

During museum operating hours: the booking is for the auditorium only. The entrance hall is also the main entrance and, therefore, used by visitors (including school groups).

After hours: the entrance hall can also be booked for a reception.



Booking a Room: Request Form

e.g. November 24, 1859
e.g. 10am-5pm