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The QI Vision

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The QI is a “living laboratory” located in Montreal's historic southwest district which aims to increase collaborations and partnerships with local actors. The QI district offers students, researchers and professors opportunities to explore solutions to expressed-needs, with the goal of improving the quality of life in the community. Its mission is to create - around knowledge institutions and based on international standards - an urban district of the highest quality.

The QI brings together a creative and engaged community with the purpose of driving an innovative and entrepreneurial culture that balances its four pillars: Industrial, Education and Research, Social and Cultural, and Urban. The QI does so based on a series of fundamental values, such as inclusion, sustainability, openness, leadership, transparency and respect, which inform its daily operations, ongoing projects and multiple cross-collaborations.

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The QI goals are to:

  • Provide broad promotion and support of innovation.
  • Accelerate the development of technological, social, and cultural organizations.
  • Promote the development of innovative initiatives that highlight the expertise of our partners and institutions.
  • Create bridges and opportunities in order to increase the exchanges involving the QI’s four pillars.

The QI vision is to become a global reference in innovation by being:

  • A hub of mobilization for academic institutions as well as industrial, social, and cultural actors.
  • An “ecosystem” that encourages social, cultural, and technological innovation.
  • A model of sustainable development.
  • A catalyst for the growth of entrepreneurs, SMEs, cultural, and social organizations.