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The QI Student Working Group

As important actors and benefactors of the Quartier de l’innovation, students are key element to the QI’s success. In February 2013, the QI Student Working Group (SWG) was formed to include and mobilize McGill University students within the QI.


The SWG seeks input from McGill students - across disciplines, faculties and graduate levels - on how to better involve the larger McGill student body, while collaborating on concrete projects and initiatives.

The SWG thus serves to:

  1. Raise awareness within the general McGill student body
  2. Initiate conversations between the QI Team and students as to gather feedback, suggestions and points of improvement
  3. Engage with the QI and involve students in the district (committees, projects, internship opportunities, etc)
  4. Explore and create new student-led initiatives or projects within the QI

SWG members gain valuable experience that can serve their academic, professional and personal development while working within a multidisciplinary team. The SWG also allows those involved to make a tangible difference within the McGill community, as they champion various projects that benefit students, staff and Faculty, and ultimately, the city of Montreal. 

Who we are

The SWG is a diverse group of students from all over the campus: different diplomas, different majors, different backgrounds, with a common interest in innovation. The SWG meets once a month dyring the academic year to discuss and create actionable next steps for QI engagement with the McGill student body. If you are interested in participating in the SWG, please contact isabelle [dot] pean [at] mcgill [dot] ca (us).


The McGill QI Student Working Group (SWG) is championing the Quartier de l'innovation Projects Fund (QIPF), which will help McGill students kick-start projects in QI communities that are centered on social, cultural, urban and research innovation.