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Community Engagement Day 2014

On Thursday October 2nd, 2014, over 550 participants took part in Community Engagement Day activities both on campus and in Montreal communities.

Montreal Summit on Innovation 2014: Health and Creative Industries

For its 4th edition, organised in collaboration of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, the MSI explored the potential for collaboration between the health sector and creative industries. In a context in which many health-related challenges lie ahead of us—due to population growth and aging, as well as to a sustained increase in the structural costs of health care—, there is a critical need to focus on our dynamism and our ability to innovate in order to contribute to our collective well-being.

Montreal Summit on Innovation 2013: Smart and Sustainable Grids

For its third edition, the MSI addressed the theme of “Smart and Sustainable Grids” from a sustainable development and economic and social impact perspectives.

In a territory such as Quebec where expertise in hydropower electricity production, transportation and use, is recognized worldwide, it is logical that this issue be discussed during an international summit. The dominant role of ICT in the modernization of electrical grids is pushing for a joint reflection that focuses on the economic, social and environmental implications of smart grid deployment.

Community Engagement Day 2014

On Thursday, October 2nd, 2014 various group community engagement activities will occur on campus and around the city. These activities will highlight some form of collaboration between the University and a Montreal community organization. Students, staff, faculty and alumni are encouraged to participate in these activities, during which they will learn experientially about the societal issues and challenges facing communities in Montreal while doing something to address them.

Community Engagement Day 2013

On Friday, October 4th, 2013 more than 500 people participated in Community Engagement Day (CED) at McGill. For the second year, the Social Equity and Diversity Education Office (SEDE) organized a full day of volunteer activities for students, faculty and staff. For this edition, 6 activities were held within the Quartier de l'innovation district spanning from Griffintown, Little-Burgundy, Saint-Henri to Pointe-St-Charles. 

McGill Innovation Week

Created in 2013, McGill Innovation Week (MIW) is a an opportunity to raise awareness regarding McGill’s activities surrounding innovation and entrepreneurship on campus and in the Quartier de l’innovation as well as to reach out to various communities, student associations and internal stakeholders. Under the leadership of the Innovation in Practice Team and in collaboration with the Office of External Relations, MIW is a chance to showcase innovation as an economic driver and demonstrate how people can work together to create new and exciting things.

Montreal Summit on Innovation

Initiated by l’École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) and McGill University to position Montreal as a destination for innovation both locally and internationally, the Quartier de l’innovation (QI) seeks to be at the forefront of the best practices in innovation. Within this context, the QI organizes the Montreal Summit on Innovation (MSI) , whose two previous editions focused on Aerospace and Innovative Districts. These high-level conferences aim to spark thought and debate between participants for the purposes of providing inspiration and identifying its best practices.

QI-Related Events

Throughout the year, the Quartier de l'innovation and McGill University host, organize and participate in a number of exciting outreach activities that spread the word about this transformative, revitalizing urban initiative!