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Become an Entrepreneur

The QI Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

The QI is a connector for the different resources available within the industrial community. From discovery to commercialization, the QI supports all aspects of the innovation process by developing new approaches, organizing ideation sessions, establishing education programs and outreach activities in collaboration with its partners. Its role is to increase productivity and facilitate the creation of new businesses through innovative means.

This industrial microcosm is also connected to investors, financial angels, a network of experts and resources from the QI ecosystem. 

The QI at McGill

The QI McGill Team can offer you guidance when it comes to starting your own company in the QI Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. A wide range of resources for McGill innovators are available, including access to a fabrication lab, two incubators (CEIM and Centech) and accelerators in the district. For more information, isabelle [dot] pean [at] mcgill [dot] ca (contact us)!

CENTECH Incubator

A Unique Technological Incubator

The Centre de l’entrepreneurship technologique (Centech) is a business incubator created by l’École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) to help students and graduates who want to start their own companies. Centech has opened its services to the McGill entrepreneurial community, as part its founding partnership with the QI. This offers McGill students, graduates, professors and staff an unparalleled opportunity to becoming entrepreneurs as well as to collaborating with other institutions.

Centech stands out for its willingness to accept business ideas during their preliminary stages. Projects are selected based on the quality of their concept or a prototype that has promising market potential. Moreover, the program helps guide aspiring entrepreneurs from the start-up of their business all the way to the commercialization of their products.

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Through the Centech, McGill students and graduates now have access to these services:

  • Accommodation
  • ÉTS Equipment
  • Technological Mentorship
  • Business Advice
  • Financial Support

Get Started! For more information on Centech and to know the next competition* deadline, click here

[*Form only available in French, but it can be completed in English if needed.]

CEIM Incubator   

A Unique Multisectorial Incubator

The Centre d’entreprises et d’innovation de Montréal (CEIM) offers customized management support and related services for start-ups in information technology, new media, clean and industrial technologies as well as life sciences.

With the CEIM/McGill partnership announced by the Honourable Maxime Bernier, a funding contribution of $6.2 million to support the creation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is now available.

McGill innovators will gain access to coaching and consultation in various aspects of the commercialization process, including strategic planning, raising capital, identifying laboratory or production facilities, structuring legal and financial agreements, developing intellectual property and initiating domestic and international sales, among others.

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Since November 2014, McGill University Community has privileged access to this incubator’s facilities and services to students and faculty who wish to become entrepreneurs. These PDF icon services include:

  • Pre-Start-up phase services;    
  • Start-up phase service;
  • Technical-Commercial Studies;
  • Financing;          
  • Commercialization;
  • Rental of office space. 

The McGill Community (Faculty, Staff and Students) wishing to organize an event can also benefit from the CEIM’s event spaces and lounges.

Get started

To take advantage of the CEIM’s offer, contact isabelle [dot] pean [at] mcgill [dot] ca (us) to be put into contact with this incubator. 


Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies 

A McGill resource for entrepreneurship 

The Dobson Centre is a centre for entrepreneurial activity at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management. The aim of the Dobson Centre is to offer entrepreneurial education and provide resources that support and develop entrepreneurs.

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The Dobson Centre’s teaching philosophy develops integrative and broad thinkers. The Centre helps broaden thinkers by drawing lessons for management from art, history, and culture that help develop perspective and seed innovative thinking.

Classes and Programs

The Dobson Centre includes classes on topics ranging from leadership to technological entrepreneurship, as well as managing small businesses and current topics such as the transformation of the music business.

Competitions and Prizes

In case competitions, top business students from around the world compete head-to-head to solve tough business problems. The Dobson Centre also hosts a number of prize competitions for top business plans, working with nonprofits, and more. These events include the Dobson Cup, a contest for start-up businesses.

Get started

To get started and get more information, check out the Dobson Centre's website.

McGill Entrepreneurs Society

The McGill Entrepreneurs Society: A McGill student-run resource

McGill Entrepreneurs Society (MES) is the ultimate stop for entrepreneurial activities at McGill University. We are a student-run society that engages alumni, local and global entrepreneurs and investors all over Montreal. Our mission is to: 

  • Promote entrepreneurship within McGill University, catalyze entrepreneurial activity within the university
  • Support student entrepreneurs of McGill University, enable collaborations between student entrepreneurs in different faculties by acting as the main communication channel
  • Support entrepreneurs of the Montreal community, help them find talent and investment
  • Connect Montreal’s entrepreneurial community with McGill’s entrepreneurial community
  • Encourage entrepreneurially minded students to start new ventures and support them along the way

Take your idea to the next level 

MES organizes a whole lot of activities to promote entrepreneurship on campus and have started many initiatives related to this theme. These include: 

McGill Startup Career Fair

McGill Startup Fair takes place on second week of February every year. The event aims to connect successful startups in North America with McGill students for career purposes. It’s a great opportunity to network with successful startup companies and even get recruited! 

MES Thinkathon

The Thinkathon is a weekend-long hackathon (where people pitch their ideas to public and assemble teams to work on them) with a business mindset. Students with entrepreneurial mindset are encouraged to pitch their idea, form a team and then work on it during a weekend.

Startup Cocktails

Startup Cocktails aims to bring entrepreneurs, investors and students together. Every event has a theme that addresses the entrepreneurial community’s issues. Startup Cocktails usually takes place beginning of every semester.

The MES Talent Database

This Database allows students, entrepreneurs and investors to connect with each other. For specific information on this project, visit this page and fill out the form. 

Desautels Junior Entreprise 

Desautels Junior Enterprise is an MES-initiative which started as MES Junior Enterprise. It is basically a student run non-profit consulting company. Visit JE Desautels for more information! 

Get started 

To become a member of MES, check out their website


A unique entry-point for businesses 

Founded in 2012, the McGill University Business Engagement Centre (MUBEC) serves as a single point of entry for corporations interested in taking a comprehensive approach to engaging with McGill’s world-class research community, core technologies, and undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students as well as its full range of educational services.

MUBEC facilitates interactions between McGill and corporations, SMEs, and global enterprises. Our dedicated corporate relations managers help businesses large and small navigate the sometimes complex university structure, connecting your organization to potential collaborators, state-of-the-art facilities, future employees or interns, and researchers who share your company’s interests and required skills. 

Put simply, our team makes partnering with McGill easy, efficient, and effective.

To learn more about MUBEC, visit their website


McGill's Faculty of Engineering's Entrepreneurship Initiative

ICE’s mission: To support, promote, and accelerate the commercialization of McGill inventions and to inspire and encourage entrepreneurship through funding, education & advice, and networking.

Through its networks and offerings, ICE enables close partnerships between entrepreneurial McGill Engineering students and professors, other McGill students and professors, and successful entrepreneurs and investors so that excellent teams are formed, market-aware technology is developed, and domain-specific investors can be accessed.

To learn more about ICE, visit their website

FabLab in QI

échoFab - The very first fabrication lab in Quebec! 

échoFab is certified by the MIT as an "Operating Fab Lab" and an experimental digital fabrication laboratory for community-based fabrication projects. Its end goal is to create a community based around our creative space, in an effort to demonstrate the social, economic, and innovative potential of Fab Labs.

Located in the QI - only 15 minutes away from campus - échoFab specialized services to businesses and educational institutions, such as custom training for rapid prototyping, 3D printing and expertise on digital fabrication.

échoFab will help you conceptualize and develop your ideas through various computer, electronic tools and computer controlled machines. Their purpose is to invite citizens to participate in this ongoing process of building a community workshop around shared use of resources.

échoFab collaborates with other Fab Labs and with visitors from around the world: they bring together and create a linkage between communities of musicians/sound engineers, makers, artists, engineers, academics, and citizens of all kinds.

Let us connect you to their research development and educational initiatives. Contact ariane [dot] guay-jadah [at] mcgill [dot] ca (us)!

To learn more about échoFab, visit their website.