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Be Part of the QI!

As a McGill University student, you can get involved in a variety of ways within the QI. May it be in an existing project or in your very own endeavor; the QI is your “living lab”!

Look at the different types of involvement for more information or isabelle [dot] pean [at] mcgill [dot] ca (contact us)! We would love to talk to you in person and see where we may best use your talents or help you out! 

Academics in the QI 

As a registered McGill student, you may be able to complete a project, thesis, class work, etc. in the Quartier de l’innovation under the supervision of a McGill professor or within the context of a class.  In these cases, regular McGill policies on such experiences (including IP policies) apply. 

Volunteering in the QI 

Community engagement is an integral part of the QI’s values and offerings. It is but one mean by which the QI and McGill University want to make an impact in the South-West. Each borough – St-Henri, Pointe-St-Charles, Little-Burgundy and Griffintown – possesses their own specificities and challenges that make any intervention by a McGillian possible and valuable.

We have partnered with many organizations in the District notably for SEDE’s Community Engagement Day in 2013 and 2014. Check out those activities here!

If you want to volunteer or would like to propose a project, please isabelle [dot] pean [at] mcgill [dot] ca (contact us)!

Internships in the QI 

Developing internship opportunities within the Quartier de l’innovation is of utmost importance for the growth of the QI and student implication in the district. Internships are a way to grow professionally and gain some precious experience. Reversely, it is a perfect manner by which local organizations can discover a student as a future full-time employee.

The QI neighborhoods are filled with arts & culture organizations, not-for-profits and SMEs who don’t necessarily have access to student interns to help in their development. One of the goals of the QI is to bring these diverse actors together to create multidisciplinary and diverse interactions. The McGill QI Team thus works to create links between external partners and student-interns.

As of now, arts, social entrepreneurship, engineering and urban planning students have mostly been involved with the QI at McGill. The QI McGill Team is looking to expand this offering further.  

If you wish to discover our opportunities, please isabelle [dot] pean [at] mcgill [dot] ca (contact us)

Entrepreneurship in the QI 

Please see the Become an Entrepreneur page.