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Funding Opportunities

Department of Psychiatry Graduate Student awards:

For research related to disorders that affect young people

  • Psychiatry Residents Research Award (for McGill psychiatry residents, valued at $10,000.00 / year, renewable once)
  • Psychiatry Graduate Students Research Award (for McGill psychiatry graduate students, valued at $10,000.00 / year, renewable once). Applications to the Chair's Office must include:
  1. Project Title
  2. Project Proposal: maximum of two pages. Indicate objective, hypotheses, methods & procedures, sample size    and timeframe for completing project.
  3. Project Budget:  A) Provide confirmation that funds are sufficient to carry out the research. B) Indicate how the money will be used; e.g., salary top-up (residents not eligible), part or full funding of the research project (provide details), travel, etc.
  4. Letter of support from faculty supervisor (residents and graduate students) or faculty mentor (early career psychiatrists).
  5. A two-Page abbreviated CV for the Applicant.
  6. A two-Page abbreviated CV for the Supervisor or Mentor.

Leyton Addiction Research Prize

  • A prize of $1,000.00 awarded annually to the student who has published the best addiction-related paper each year. 
  • Annual application deadline is March 15th. Please see the News section of the Department of Psychiatry's website in mid-February for detailed announcement and application details.


  1. a first author on a drug or alcohol addiction-related paper either published or in press between March 16, 2011 and March 15, 2012 (dates adjusted each year)
  2. conducted the research with a faculty member in McGill University’s Department of Psychiatry, and 
  3. a McGill undergraduate, graduate student, post-doctoral fellow, or resident when conducting the research. 

Marion Birmingham/Trevor Dennis Student Research Day Prize

  • For the top presentation by a student in the Department of Psychiatry ($1,000)

The Child and Youth Psychiatry Award ($500)

  • For the top presentation at Student Research Day on disorders that affect young people by a student supervised by a faculty member whose primary position is within the Department of Psychiatry. 

    Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and allocation to the Faculty of Medicine:



    Graduate Excellence Fellowship

    • To all new MSc and PhD graduate students
    • No application needed
    • Announced in the department letter of recommendation for acceptance
    • Values vary and may range from $1,000 for MSc's to $5,000 for PhD's

    Faculty of Medicine Internal Studentship

    Differential Fee Waiver

    GREAT: Graduate Research Enhancement and Travel Awards

    • Limited number per university fiscal year
    • By application to the Graduate Program Director
    • For conference or research consultation travel
    • GREAT_Award_Application_Form_2014

      Richard C. Paterson Graduate Research Awards

      • In support of graduate research in suicide prevention and treatment in the Faculty of Medicine
      • Value to be announced
      • By nomination

      Other Awards

      • Allocated to the departments on a rotating basis
      • By nomination
      • Announced throughout the year

      External Agency Fellowships

      Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

      Faculty of Medicine Research & Graduate Studies Office

      Affiliated Hospitals