Student Research Day, Award Recipients


Congratulations to the award recipients of the 2013 Student Research Day! 

Megan Sheppard  MSc 1st prize, Douglas (supervisor: Dr. Giamal Luheshi)
LPS induces a prolonged change in energy balance in diet-induced obese rats


Juan Pablo Lopez PhD 1st prize, Douglas (supervisor: Dr. Gustavo Turecki)
miR-1202: A Primate-Specific and Brain-Enriched miRNA is Involved in Major
Depression and Regulates the Expression of GRM4


Dr. Michael Verwey, Postdoc 1st prize, Douglas (supervisor: Dr. Cecilia Flores)
The sonic hedgehog co-receptor Cdo is important in the development of the VTA
and for amphetamine-induced behavioural plasticity in mice


Jesse Renaud, MUHC Prize (supervisor: Dr. Gail Myhr)
Predicting who benefits most from cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety and


Danyael Lutgens, Birmingham-Denis Prize (supervisors: Dr. Ashok Malla)
Predictors of Cognition Functioning in First Episode Psychosis


Dr. Leora Yetnikoff, Marco Leyton Addiction Award (supervisor: Dr. Cecilia Flores)