PRPP 2002

In October 2002 the original "Pluralism, Religion and Public Policy" conference was co-sponsored by the Faculty of Religious Studies and the Centre for Cultural Renewal (now the Cardus Centre for Cultural Renewal, publishers of the new journal Convivium), with participation by the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Medicine. Public evening lectures were sponsored by the Beatty Memorial Lectures Fund. Other contributing partners included Health Canada and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Professor Douglas Farrow and Mr Iain Benson were conference co-chairs. This and the following pages provide a record of that event.

Wednesday, 9 October 2002

2:00 pm:

Registration (Moyse Hall - Arts Building see map)

3:00 pm:

Religion in Canada (Moyse Hall - Arts Building see map)

Panel: Preston Manning, Paul Reed, Claude Ryan
Chair: Antonia Maioni

5:00 pm:

Reception (Birks Building, 3520 University St.
see map)

7:30 pm:

Beatty Lecture:
William Galston
"Religion & Liberal Society" (Leacock 132 see map)

Thursday 10 October 2002


9:00 am:

Charles Taylor
"Democratic Exclusion (and its remedies?)"
(Redpath Hall see map)

Respondent: Gregory Baum

11:00 am:

David Novak
"Human Dignity & the Social Contract"
(Redpath Hall see map)

Respondent: David Weisstub

2:00 pm:

Politics & Religion after the World Trade Center (Redpath Hall see map)

Panel: Irwin Cotler, R. J. Neuhaus,
H.R.H. Prince El Hassan bin Talal
Chair: Warren Allmand

4:00 pm:

Birks Lecture:
Jean Bethke Elshtain
"The Equality of Persons & the Culture of Rights" (Redpath Hall see map)

Respondent: Douglas Farrow

7:30 pm:

Beatty Lecture:
Richard John Neuhaus
"Liberal Democracy & Acts of Faith"
(Leacock 132 see map)

Friday 11 October 2002

8:45 am:

H.T. Engelhardt Jr
"Taking Moral Difference Seriously: Bioethics after the Death of God" (Redpath Hall see map)

Respondent: David Roy

10:30 am:

What is a "Secular" Society? (Redpath Hall see map)

Panel: Douglas Farrow, William Galston, Charles Taylor
Chair: Iain Benson

12:00: Lunch at the Birks Building
(sponsored by the Mayor's Office, City of Montreal)

1:00 pm:

21st Century Science & Human Dignity
(Redpath Hall see map)

Panel: Tristram Engelhardt, Thérèse Leroux,
Margaret Somerville
Chair: François Lehmann

3:30 pm:

René Cassin Lecture:
Beverley McLachlin, CJ
The Charter Freedoms of Conscience & Religion
(Pollack Hall - Strathcona Music Building,
555 Sherbrooke St. W. see map)

Respondent: Jean Bethke Elshstain

5:15 pm:

When Group Rights Conflict (Pollack Hall - Strathcona Music Building see map)

Panel: Iain Benson, Christopher Gray,
Christopher Manfredi, David Schneiderman
Chair: Stephen Toope