Conference Report

The Conference Committee would like to thank Linda Diez and Nathan Gibbard of the Newman Centre, together with student volunteers; our assistant, Juli Gittinger; Tom Thorp at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and Jonathan Waind who assisted him; Dean Ellen Aitken, Francesca Maniaci and Alex Sokolov of the FRS; Media Relations and the office of the Vice-Principal (External Relations); Loyola High School and each of the conference sponsors listed on the previous page; Anna Whelan Farrow of the English Speaking Catholic Council; and especially all of our presenters and session chairs. To everyone who attended our thanks as well.   


View the debate between Prof. Turp and Prof. Taylor.

Prof. Waldron's address can be view here: part one and part two (with Daniel Weinstock responding). 

Read the formal version of Prof. Berger's paper (crisis.pdf) and the brief provided by Dr Meehan (SCC.pdf). Prof. Farrow's paper will be published later in a larger volume of his essays.

Regrettably there is no recording of the Loyola panel, which was rich with insight, or of Dr Meehan's poignant statement on the proposed Charter. But Saturday, by all accounts, like the previous two days, left participants convinced that the intersection explored under the rubric "Religious Freedom in Education" by our inter-disciplinary ensemble of legal experts, education specialists, lay religious leaders, political theorists, philosophers and theologians is one that deserves much further attention. We expect to see further efforts to build on what was accomplished here. 

Conference photos follow below, courtesy Juli Gittinger and Peter Stockland.