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William Dawson Scholars

This is a list of the current William Dawson Scholars at McGill University. Appointments as William Dawson Scholar are for five years.

Information about the William Dawson Scholar program can be found on the page: James McGill Professor / William Dawson Scholar Program.

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Name Faculty Department Start/Renewal (R)
or New (N) Year
Bar-Or, Amit Medicine Neurology & Neurosurgery 2004/2010 (R)
Bergthorson, Jeffrey Myles Engineering Mechanical Engineering 2014
Blackett, Adelle Law Law 2007/2012 (R)
Charbonneau, Frederic Arts French Language & Literature 2004/2010 (R)
Crocker, Anne Medicine Psychiatry 2010
Gagnon, Anita J Medicine • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
• Nursing
2004/2010 (R)
Ghoshal, Subhasis Engineering Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics 2004/2010 (R)
Guastavino, Catherine Education Information Studies 2012
Hickey, Gordon Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Natural Resource Sciences 2014
Huang, Aiyun Schulich School of Music Performance 2014
Jensen, Dennis Education Kinesiology & Physical Education 2012
Jones, Russell Medicine Physiology 2014
Jung, In-Ho Engineering Mining, Metals & Materials Engineering 2012
Leask, Richard L. Engineering Chemical Engineering 2004/2010 (R)
Leckey, Robert Law Law 2011
Leyton, Marco Medicine Psychiatry 2004/2010 (R)
Liu, Xue Science Computer Science 2014
Luheshi, Giamal Medicine Psychiatry 2004/2010 (R)
Maloney, Alexander Science Physics 2007
Mi, Zetian Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011
Mongrain, Rosaire Engineering Mechanical Engineering 2007/2012 (R)
Pelc, Krzysztof Arts Political Science 2014
Piper, Andrew Arts Languages, Literatures & Cultures 2014
Pouliot, Vincent Arts Political Science 2011
Rassier, Dilson J.E. Education Kinesiology & Physical Education 2011
Rentschler, Carrie Arts Art History & Communication Studies 2010
Ristic, Jelena Science Psychology 2012
Saleh, Maya Medicine Medicine 2011
Savage, Robert Samuel Education Educational & Counselling Psychology 2007/2012 (R)
Shor, Eran Arts Sociology 2014
Siddiqi, Kaleem Science Computer Science 2004/2010 (R)
Siegel, Peter Medicine Medicine 2014
Thombs, Brett David Medicine Psychiatry 2012
Turecki, Gustavo Medicine Psychiatry 2004/2010 (R)
Wanderley, Marcelo Mortensen Schulich School of Music Music Research 2011
Whalen, Joann Karen Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Natural Resource Sciences 2010
Xue, Licun Arts Economics 2004/2010 (R)