Budget Q & A

QUESTION:  How does MELS’ recently announced budget affect McGill’s budget? 

ANSWER:  The MELS budget announcements will have very little impact on McGill’s budget in FY2012.  Most information, including the stated tuition increase will affect our budget in FY2013.

QUESTION:  Given the coming tuition increase, what are the net new revenues that will be allocated for student aid? 

ANSWER:  Taking into account the differential tuition rates paid by international students, students from Quebec, and students from the rest of Canada, as well as the partial funding of student aid for Quebec students by the Quebec government, we anticipate net new revenues for student aid to be approximately $1.26M.   This $1.26M will be contributed to student aid funding on top of McGill’s present student aid allocation totaling $2.2M.

QUESTION:  Do the net new revenues for to Financial Aid (30%) carry on from year to year or do they apply only in the year the fees are introduced?

ANSWER:  The commitment to allocate 30% of net new revenues to financial aid is an ongoing commitment.  McGill expects to continue funding financial aid at this level for the foreseeable future.  

QUESTION:  Given the ‘conservative ’increases that the University had forecast for tuition rates, is there still a need to increase undergraduate enrolment to make up for a shortfall?   Which units/Faculties should anticipate increases and how have they been prepared to handle these increases?   Will the increases be primarily from increased enrolments for international students?   

ANSWER:  Going forward, we anticipate flat enrolment increases for deregulated international undergraduate students.  Starting in FY2012, a global enrolment incentive program will be implemented allowing Faculties with capacity for enrolment increases above FY2011 levels to receive additional resources to be used for teaching assistance, student advising and other student-focused services designed to support the increased number of students.

QUESTION:  Undergraduate Students will be paying more for their education, what improvements can they expect to see from next year?  

ANSWER:  Increased tuition rates become effective in the fall of 2012.  McGill has budgeted to make use of these incremental revenues by channeling them toward top strategic academic priorities, including teaching and research. 


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