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McGill University Budget Book

The McGill University Budget Book for Fiscal Year 2015 was approved by the Board of Governors on 28 April 2014. This Budget was developed to ensure that McGill’s resources continue to be aligned with strategic academic priorities, to simplify and clarify budget categories, and to provide the means for measuring our progress, while remaining fiscally responsible.

The FY2015 Budget demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a balance between investments in strong academic priorities and available resources.The Budget also reflects McGill’s pledge to manage costs and to make better use of existing resources in ways that allow us to maintain our place among the world’s top publicly funded, research-intensive, and student-centred universities.

In addition, the Budget outlines actions that the University is taking to modernize our administrative processes in ways that will contain or reduce costs, mitigate the risks of increasing deficits, and increasingly diversify revenue sources, while at the same time enhancing our research, teaching and engagement in Quebec, Canada and the global community.

University Budget Book 2014-2015

Previous versions of the Budget Book can be found in the Budget Archive.