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Procurement Services has the mandate to negotiate campus-wide contracts with suppliers for goods and/or services that are purchased frequently by the University. Although Procurement is the lead player in the tendering process, a selection committee comprised of members of various departments will also participate in the tendering process by evaluating the bidders’ proposals, which will result in the award of a contract. If you wish to participate in a specific project or would like to inquire about initiating a contract for a specific commodity not listed in these pages, please contact Procurement Services.

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More information will be available on the following campus-wide contracts:

  • Audio Visual Equipment and Services with NCS and Unel
  • Computer Products and Services with MCS, Dell, Lenovo
  • Lab Products and Minor Equipment with various suppliers, such as Fisher, VWR, ACP Chemicals, BD, Sarstedt, Sati International, etc
  • Compressed Gas with Praxair and Megs
  • Dry Ice with Megs
  • Radioactive Material with PerkinElmer
  • Stationery with Lyreco
  • Toner and Ink Jet Cartridges with Kerr Norton and The Computer Media Group
  • Advertising with The Gazette
  • Bus Rental with Groupe La Quebecoise
  • Catering with Classic Fare Catering/Aramark
  • Courier Services with Planete, Purolator and Globex
  • Customs Services with Affiliated
  • Mobile Devices/Cell Phones Services with Bell Mobility (Corporate plan) and Roger/Planete Mobile (personal plan)
  • Moving Services with  George Scott, Transport Lacombe and Westmount Moving
  • Relocation Services with King’s Transfer Van Lines and Meldrum The Mover
  • Tent Rentals with ABP Location
  • Translation Services with 8 freelances and 4 firms
  • Transportation of Valuables with Garda

For a list of suppliers related to Travel Services, please visit the Travel Services' website.

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