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Request for Quotation


Procurement Services recommends using the University's Standard Request for Quotation form (RFQ) to solicit pricing for goods and/or services valued below $100,000 (over the contract term, excluding GST and QST). The RFQ can only be used when the estimated value of Goods and/or Services is below $100,000.00.**

** Public tendering is required for purchases valued over $100,000

Please find below the documentation required when requesting a purchase order:

  • 1 quote for purchases valued between $2,500 and $24,999
  • 3 quotes for purchases valued between $25,000 and $99,999
  • Public Call for Tenders or Legal Exceptions for purchase valued above $100,000


Procurement Services offers 2 versions of this document:

If your preference is to complete this document electronically, you may use the RFQ Template in Excel version:

If you prefer to print the document and manually insert the information required, you may use the RFQ Template in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version:

Please use the instructions provided below to use the Standard RFQ template:

Standard RFQ Template Instructions

CFI Forms

For CFI (Canada Foundation for Innovation) projects, please use the following Request For Quotation templates.

Request for Quotation CFI (Word version)

Request for Quotation CFI (PDF version)