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PCard Purchase Request Form

Use this form to request a one-time purchase by a Procurement Services PCard for transactions over $2,500 or if your unit does not have a Pcard.

IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT: Requestor who fills out this form is responsible to verify that the order is legitimate, and that the fund(s) to be charged are acceptable.  Approval from the Fund Financial Manager (FFM) or his or her delegate(s), as well as approval from the Fund Administrator, should be obtained prior to submitting this request, and should be attached as part of the backup document whenever possible. Procurement Services will process the order based on the form submitted, and will not be responsible for any issues related to an incorrect FOAPAL nor the inequity balance of a fund.

NOTE: If you are charging a RESEARCH GRANT, please fill out this Excel Form as the Fund Financial Manager (FFM)'s authorization is required.

Please ensure to attach all supporting documentation

Fields with an asterisk * are mandatory