Contract Rules Compliance Monitor (“CRCM”)


Contract Rules Compliance Monitor (“CRCM”)

Director of Procurement Services appointed as Contract Rules Compliance Monitor for McGill University

In accordance with the new Act on Integrity in Public Contracts, which requires public bodies to nominate a Contract Rules Compliance Monitor (“CRCM”), the university recently proceeded with the appointment of Mr. François Pouliot, Director of Procurement Services, to this function.

To

The functions of the contract rules compliance monitor include

(1)          seeing that the contract rules prescribed by this Act and the regulations, policies and directives under this Act are complied with;

(2)          advising, and making recommendations or providing advisory opinions to, the chief executive officer on compliance with contract rules;

(3)          seeing that measures are put in place within the public body to ensure the integrity of internal processes;

(4)          seeing to the professional fitness of the personnel involved in contractual activities; and

(5)          exercising any other function the chief executive officer may require to ensure that contract rules are complied with.

François was asked to incorporate the above monitoring and counseling functions to the standard procurement process of McGill University and services offering of Procurement Services

We wish him the best of luck with these additional responsibilities.

The roles and responsibilities of the CRCM as presented by the Treasury Board Secretariat are further detailed here.  Note: available in french only

You may find out more about the Integrity in Public Contracts Act in English or French.