At PRIZMA, our strength resides in our ability to build strong community bonds. We welcome proposals from individuals and organizations wishing to partner with us to create great learning programs benefiting members, stakeholders, and the general public.

The PRIZMA program collaborates with community stakeholders to offer quality, accessible, and unique learning experiences that engage curiosity, personal reflection, and social communication. Our partners include cultural, social, educational, and public institutions, such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, L’Institut du Nouveau Monde, McCord Museum, Société des arts technologiques, and Autorité des marchés financiers.

We’re developing great partnerships with organizations in all sectors. Community partners are actively involved in developing and promoting our events.


Partner Benefits

  • Offer your members and stakeholders personalized learning events in accordance with McGill standards
  • Access presenters and guest speakers from McGill’s prestigious roster of cutting edge experts in multiple fields
  • Our classrooms are centrally located and easily accessible
  • Extensive experience developing needs assessments, creating experiential learning, and constructing great partnerships

Please contact us to discuss the how you can offer your members a great learning experience by partnering with the PRIZMA program at the McGill School of Continuing Studies.

Contact: Marisa Gelfusa, Coordinator, PRIZMA
Telephone: 514-398-3627
Email: Marisa.gelfusa [at]


Become a Presenter

Are you a subject matter expert who is also a skilled and experienced presenter?  Send us a course proposal!
Email: prizma.scs [at]