Principal’s Task Force on Diversity, Excellence and Community Engagement

Tools for Nanoscience Facility

Working Group on Excellence in Research and Scholarship

How do we support and evaluate excellence in research and scholarship, and recognise and celebrate our successes, as well as taking stock of our shortcomings, as an inclusive community?

The working group on the theme of recognising and celebrating excellence in research and scholarship may consider the following:

  • How well do we understand and evaluate the quality of our research and scholarship against the highest international standards, and are there means to do this better, while reinforcing collegiality and support?
  • Can enhanced engagement with diversity enhance quality and support our pursuit of excellence in research and scholarship?
  • How do we advance significantly McGill’s participation, and the participation of individual members of our community, in the most distinguished academic networks, by international standards, in key fields of academic priority?
  • What barriers may be faced by investigators and scholars with a range of fields of expertise, from a broad range of backgrounds, identities and affiliations with different segments of the community, in succeeding at McGill? What structures and supports are in place, and what are needed, to enhance their ability to succeed?
  • What role can the McGill Academic Health Network play in fostering excellence and optimising research, reputation and impact in the University, and in turn, how can the University do the same in support of our affiliated teaching hospitals and research institutes?
  • What supports can we provide to further advance the excellence and broad impact of the thematic priorities identified in the Strategic Academic Plan (White Paper) and others that will become salient through the achievements of researchers and scholars, and the University as a whole?
  • How do we support innovation and interdisciplinarity along with excellence, at every level of research and scholarly activity?
  • How do we, as an inclusive and diverse academic community of outstanding talent, enhance McGill’s international reputation and substantial engagement while maximising our impact?