Principal’s Task Force on Diversity, Excellence and Community Engagement

(left to right) 2008 Excellence in Teaching award winners Grazyna Wilczek (Chemistry), Lisa Travis (Linguistics), and André Roy

Working Group on Excellence in Programs and Pedagogy

How do we support and evaluate excellence in programs and pedagogy, and recognise and celebrate our successes in the context of a diverse community?

The working group on the theme of recognising and celebrating excellence in programs and pedagogy may consider the following:

  • How inclusive a community are we? How can we effectively and sensitively use available data on diversity, and how might we best measure our success as a community that aspires to be inclusive?
  • What ‘output’ measures for assessing the quality of our pedagogy and programs at the undergraduate, professional program and graduate levels best reflect our mission and ambition?
  • How do we assess our achievements in pedagogy and program design, and provide feedback that will support individual members of the academic community in their efforts to excel? Are particular benchmarks of excellence themselves, unintentionally, potential instruments of exclusion?
  • How can we support Deans, Chairs and individual supervisors in efforts to foster inclusion of graduate students, enhance supervision, and improve graduation rates and time to completion?
  • How can we improve engagement of faculty with students, including graduate students, taking into account the varying degrees of diversity within the professoriate and the student population, and the range of fields in which they work?
  • How do we recognize and celebrate excellence in teaching, supervision and program delivery, and how can we enhance recognition and celebration?