Principal’s Task Force on Diversity, Excellence and Community Engagement

Eating together at the LEAD retreat in Mont Ste-Hilaire

Working Group on Engaging with Diversity in the McGill Community

The working group on engaging with diversity may consider the following issues:

  • How inclusive a community are we? What are the obstacles to inclusion at McGill, and what are the structures through which diversity and equity can best be addressed?
  • What strategies currently in place at McGill will do most to enhance positive engagement with diversity and access in the academic administration, the academic, administrative and support staff, and in the student body? What additional initiatives, might we implement over the next four years?
  • How we can better achieve and communicate the combined benefits of broadening the spectrum of talent and voices included in our community and enhancing excellence in the achievement of our academic mission?
  • How can members of the McGill community best signal that engagement with diversity is a core component of life at McGill, and one that contributes to excellence in teaching, research and administration? How can the work of the Social Equity and Diversity Education Office, among others, inform these efforts?