Principal’s Task Force on Diversity, Excellence and Community Engagement

Student from the McGill Faculty of Law engaging with community members in Kahnawake

Working Group on Enhancing Community Engagement

The working group on the theme of community engagement may consider the following:

  • What current initiatives exist, and how might we build on these, to provide opportunities for members of the McGill community to extend the impact of our contributions by better reaching out to the broader communities in Montreal, Quebec and beyond, consistent with our mission?
  • Through what kinds of partnerships, and with what intended impacts can we strengthen the quality of our research, scholarship, teaching, service and reputation?
  • How might these initiatives dovetail with and support initiatives to ensure that a broad socio-economic spectrum is represented in the pool of qualified applicants for admission to our programs?
  • Can value be added through an institutional effort to coordinate outreach by various McGill entities in strategically chosen communities in Montreal? Would the overall impact be greater, both for McGill and for the community, if different activities – e.g., provision of dental care, high school outreach programs, medical services, education in nutrition and diet – were focused on one community?
  • How can we give existing initiatives more salience and reputational value within the McGill community, in the broader community, and with selected stakeholders and funders?