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Principal's Prizes and Awards

From left to right: Bruce Shore, Carolyn Samuel and Peter Gibian all won a 2009 Principal’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching. Absent from the picture is the fourth award-winner, Kathleen Fallon. / Photo: Owen Egan

The Principal's Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The Principal's Prize for Excellence in Teaching, was established to recognize educators who have distinguished themselves both in their teaching abilities and in their ability to motivate their students. It is traditionally awarded at Fall Convocation to one faculty lecturer, one assistant professor, one associate professor and one full professor. Since its creation, the Prize has been awarded to more than 50 McGill educators.

For nomination details and a list of previous winners, please visit McGill's Teaching & Learning website.

The Principal's Awards for Administrative and Support Staff

The Principal’s Awards for Administrative and Support Staff is a university-wide awards program that recognizes the outstanding contributions of administrative and support staff to McGill University. This annual program provides staff the opportunity to promote, acknowledge and commend the exceptional efforts of their peers. Please consult McGill Human Resources for more information.

The Principal's Prize for Outstanding Emerging Researchers

The Principal’s Prize for Outstanding Emerging Researchers was created in 2013 to encourage and celebrate McGill’s most outstanding early-career researchers, as well as to provide them with an advantage as they apply for external awards by adding a prestigious internal distinction to their list of accomplishments. The Office of the Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations) awards up to three of these prizes on an annual basis. For more information on the nomination process, please click here.