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Recent Publications

Academic research by members of the Department of Political Science is widely published, across many fields and in a wide variety of books and journals. Recent publications include:

Arash Abizadeh. “Liberal Nationalist versus Postnational Social Integration: On the Nation’s Ethno-Cultural Particularity and ‘Concreteness’.” Nations and Nationalism 10.3 (2004): 231-250.

Arash Abizadeh. “Historical Truth, National Myths, and Liberal Democracy: On the Coherence of Liberal Nationalism.” The Journal of Political Philosophy 12.3 (2004): 291-313.

Arash Abizadeh. “Politics beyond War.” World Order 35.3 (2004): 19-23. Review of chapter 5 of Udo Schaefer, Nicola Towfigh, and Ulrich Gollmer, Making the Crooked Straight (Oxford: George Ronald, 2000) [originally published as Desinformation als Methode (Hildesheim, Germany: Georg Olms Verlag GmbH, 1995)].

Arash Abizadeh. Review of Keven Brown and Eberhard von Kitzing, Evolution and Baha’i Belief: Abdu’l-Baha’s Response to Nineteenth-Century Darwinism (Los Angeles: Kalimat Press, 2001). In International Journal of Middle East Studies 36.1 (2004): 148–149.

Eric Bélanger. (with Michael S. Lewis-Beck) “National Economic Voting in France: Objective versus Subjective Measures,” in Michael S. Lewis-Beck (ed.), The French Voter: Before and After the 2002 Elections, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004, p.231-242.

Eric Bélanger. “Antipartyism and Third-Party Vote Choice: A Comparison of Canada, Britain, andAustralia,” Comparative Political Studies, vol. 37, 2004, p.1054-1078.

Eric Bélanger. “Finding and Using Empirical Data for Vote and Popularity Functions in France,” French Politics, vol. 2, 2004, p.235-244.

Eric Bélanger. (with Michael S. Lewis-Beck and Richard Nadeau) “General Election Forecasts in the United Kingdom: A Political Economy Model,” Electoral Studies, vol. 23, 2004, p.279-290.

Mark Brawley. “Hegemonic Leadership: Is the Concept Still Useful?” Connecticut Journal of International Law 19 (2), 2004, 345-357.

Mark Brawley. “The Political Economy of Balance of Power Theory” in Balance of Power: Theory and Practice in the 21st Century, edited by T.V. Paul, Jim Wirtz, and Michel Fortmann, Stanford University Press, 2004, 66-99.

Michael Brecher.International Political Earthquakes, University of Michigan Press, 2008, pp. 335.

Michael Brecher. NEHRU: A Political Biography, 2005 (paperback edition of 1959 original edition)

Michael Brecher. Crises in World Politics, 2004, 2 vols. (Parsi translation of 1993 publication),

Michael Brecher. Millennial Reflections on International Studies (contributor and editor, with Frank P. Harvey), University of Michigan Press, 2002, University of Michigan Press, 2002, pp. 703.

Rex Brynen and Roula el-Rifai, eds. Palestinian Refugees: Challenges of Repatriation and Development. London: I.B. Tauris, 2007.

Rex Brynen, The Past as Prelude? Negotiating the Palestinian Refugee Issue, Chatham House Briefing Paper, June 2008.

Rex Brynen, “Palestine: Building Neither Peace Nor State” In Charles Call and Vanessa Hawkins Wyeth, eds., Building States to Build Peace (Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2008).

Rex Brynen, “Aid as Carrot, Aid as Stick: The Politics of Aid Conditionality in the Palestinian Territories," Accord (2008).

Rex Brynen, “Canada's Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process”. In Paul Heinbecker and Bessma Momani, eds, Canada and the Middle East: In Theory and Practice (Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2007).

Rex Brynen, “Managing Public Resources: The Experience of the Palestinian “Proto-State””. In James Boyce and Madalene O’Donnell, eds, Peace and the Public Purse: Economic Policies for Postwar Statebuilding (Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2007).

Rex Brynen and David Romano, “The Palestinians: Finding No Freedom in Liberation” In Ray Hinnebusch and Rick Fawn, eds. The Iraq War: Causes and Consequences (Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2006).

Rex Brynen, “Perspectives on Palestinian Refugee Repatriation” In Mick Dumper, ed. Palestinian Refugee Repatriation: Global Perspectives (London: Routledge, 2006).

Elisabeth Gidengil. (with André Blais, Neil Nevitte, and Richard Nadeau), Citizens Vancouver: UBC Press, 2004, 214 pp.

Elisabeth Gidengil. (with André Blais, Neil Nevitte, and Richard Nadeau), “Where Does Turnout Decline Come From?,” European Journal of Political Research 43 (2004): 221-36.

Elisabeth Gidengil. (with Daniel Rubenson, André Blais, Patrick Fournier, and Neil Nevitte) “Accounting for the Age Gap in Turnout,” Acta Politica 39 (2004): 407-21.

Elisabeth Gidengil. (with André Blais, Richard Nadeau, and Neil Nevitte), “Do (Some) Canadian Voters Punish a Prime Minister for Calling a Snap Election?” Political Studies 52 (2004): 307-23.

Elisabeth Gidengil. (with André Blais, Mathieu Turgeon, Richard Nadeau, and Neil Nevitte) “Which Matters Most? Comparing the Impact of Issues and the Economy in American, British, and Canadian Elections,” British Journal of Political Science 34 (2004): 555-63.

Elisabeth Gidengil. (with Patrick Fournier, André Blais, Richard Nadeau, and Neil Nevitte), “Time-of-Voting Decision and Susceptibility to Campaign Effects,” Electoral Studies 23(4) (2004): 661-81.

Elisabeth Gidengil. (with André Blais, Richard Nadeau, and Neil Nevitte), “Language and Cultural Insecurity,” in Alain Gagnon, ed., Quebec: State and Society 3rd edition Peterborough: Broadview, 2004, 345-67.

Heymann SJ with Barrera M. Profit at the Bottom of the Ladder: Creating Value by Investing in Your Workforce. Harvard Business Press. Forthcoming.

Heymann SJ and Earle A. Raising the Global Floor: Dismantling The Myth That We Can’t Afford Good Working Conditions For Everyone. Stanford University Press. 2009.

Blouin C, Heymann SJ, and Drager N eds. Trade and Health: Finding Common Ground. Montreal: McGill Queens University Press, 2007

Heymann SJ. Forgotten Families: Ending the Growing Crisis Confronting Children and Working Parents in the Global Economy. New York: Oxford University Press, 2006.

Heymann SJ, Hertzman C, Barer M, and Evans R, eds. Healthier Societies: From Analysis to Action. New York: Oxford University Press, 2006.

Heymann SJ and Beem C, eds. Unfinished Work: Building Equality and Democracy in an Era of Working Families. New York: The New Press, 2005.

Heymann SJ, ed. Global Inequalities at Work: Work’s Impact on the Health of Individuals, Families, and Societies. New York: Oxford University Press, 2003.

Heymann SJ. Rogers J and Cohen J, eds. Can Working Families Ever Win? A New Democracy Forum on Helping Parents Succeed at Work and Caregiving. Boston: Beacon Press, 2002.

Heymann SJ. The Widening Gap: Why Working Families Are in Jeopardy and What Can Be Done About It. New York: Basic Books, 2000.

Juliet Johnson. “The Limits of Europeanization: The Czech Republic, Poland, and European Monetary Integration,” in Kenneth Dyson and Martin Marcussen, The Changing Power and Politics of European Central Banking: Living with the Euro (Oxford University Press, 2009). Co-authored with Rachel Epstein.

Juliet Johnson. “The Remains of Conditionality: The Faltering Enlargement of the Euro Zone,” Journal of European Public Policy 15:6 (2008): 826-842.

Juliet Johnson. “Forbidden Fruit: Russia’s Uneasy Relationship with the Dollar,” Review of International Political Economy 15:3 (2008): 377-396.

Juliet Johnson. “Two-Track Diffusion and Central Bank Embeddedness: The Politics of Euro Adoption in Hungary and the Czech Republic,” Review of International Political Economy 13:3 (2006), 361-386.

Juliet Johnson. “Postcommunist Central Banks: A Democratic Deficit?” Journal of Democracy 17:1 (2006), 90-103.

Erik Kuhonta. “U.S. Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia: The Imperative of Institutions,” Harvard Asia Quarterly (Fall 2004): 4-11.

Jacob T. Levy. "Federalism, Liberalism, and the Separation of Loyalties," 101(3) American Political Science Review 459-77, 2007

Jacob T. Levy. "Federalism and the Old and New Liberalisms," 24(1) Social Philosophy and Policy 306-26, 2007
reprinted in Paul, Miller, and Paul, eds., Liberalism: Old and New, Cambridge University Press, 2007

Jacob T. Levy. "Contextualism, Constitutionalism, and Modus Vivendi Approaches," in Anthony Laden and David Owen, eds., Multiculturalism and Political Theory, Cambridge University Press, 2007

Jacob T. Levy. The Broadview Anthology of Social and Political Thought, vol 1. (anthology coedited with Andrew Bailey, Samantha Brennan, Will Kymlicka , Alex Sager, Clark Wolf), Broadview Press, 2007.

Jacob T. Levy. The Broadview Anthology of Social and Political Thought, vol 2. (anthology coedited with Andrew Bailey, Samantha Brennan, Will Kymlicka , Alex Sager, Clark Wolf), Broadview Press, 2008.

Jacob T. Levy. "Three Perversities of Indian Law," 12(2) Texas Review of Law and Politics 329-68, 2008.

Jacob T. Levy. "Self-determination, non-domination, and federalism," 23 (3) Hypatia 60-78, 2008

Jacob T. Levy. "National and statist responsibility," 11(4) Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 485-99, 2008.

Catherine Lu (Book chapter.) “Humanitarianism and the Use of Force,” in The Ethics of Global Governance, Antonio Franceschet, ed. (Boulder, Colorado: Lynne Rienner), forthcoming.

Catherine Lu (Article.) “Shame, Guilt and Reconciliation After War,” The European Journal of Social Theory 11, 3 (August 2008) 367-83.

Catherine Lu (Article.) “Humanitarian Intervention: Moral Ambition and Political Constraints,” International Journal 62, 4 (Autumn 2007) 934-943.

Catherine Lu (Book chapter.)“Justice and Reparations in World Politics,” in Reparations: Interdisciplinary Inquiries, eds. Rahul Kumar and Jon Miller (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007), 193-212.

Catherine Lu (Encyclopedic Entry.) “World Government,” The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2006 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.),

Catherine Lu (Book chapter.)“The International Criminal Court as an Institution of Moral Regeneration: Problems and Prospects,” Bringing Power to Justice, eds. Joanna Harrington, Michael Milde and Richard Vernon (Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2006), 191-209.

Catherine Lu (Book.) Just and Unjust Interventions in World Politics: Public and Private (Houndmills, Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006).

Antonia Maioni. “Roles and Responsibilities in Health Care Policy” in Tom McIntosh, Pierre-Gerlier Forest, Gregory P. Marchildon, editors, The Governance of Health Care in Canada: The Romanow Papers, Volume 3 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2004), pp. 169-198.

Antonia Maioni. (with Christopher Manfredi) “Rights and Public Health in the Balance: Tobacco Control in Canada,” in Ronald Bayer and Eric Feldman, eds. Unfiltered: International Conflict over Tobacco Policy and Public Health. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press: 68-88

Antonia Maioni. “From Cinderella to Belle of the Ball : The Politics of Primary Care Reform in Canada” in Ruth Wilson, S. E. D. Shortt and John Dorland, eds, Implementing Primary Care Reform: Barriers and Facilitators (Montreal: McGill Queen’s University Press, 2004), pp. 97-109.

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