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Graduate student documents and forms


Updated Graduate_Applicant_checklist_2014-2015.pdf

Graduate Referee Appraisal Form.pdf

NEW 2014-2015_MA_Program_Guide.pdf

NEW 2014-2015_PhD_Program_Guide.pdf

PGSS Insurance Reference kit for 2011-2012

Audit Worksheets:

MA Audit Worksheets (Non-thesis Program)

MA Audit Worksheets (Thesis Program)


Application Form for Conference Funding for 2012-2013  [.doc]

How to Begin an Expense Reimbursement[.pdf]

Application for Internship[.pdf]

Graduate Independent Reading and Research Form (Poli690)[.pdf]

Graduate Independent Reading and Research Form (Poli780 or 781)[.pdf]

Graduate Student Research Progress Tracking Forms

Supervision Advice (offers research and evidence-based advice to students and supervisors)

Graduate Student Thesis Submission Forms

Graduate Student Thesis guidelines and deadlines

MA Research Essay Requirements (POLI 693 and 699)

MA Thesis Requirements (POLI 697 and 698) [.pdf]

Ph.D. Comprehensive Exams Questionnaire [.pdf]

Ph.D. Proposal Advisory Committee form [.pdf]

Ph.D. Supervisory Committee form[.pdf]

Teaching Assistantship Forms