William Clare Roberts

William Clare Roberts PhotosAssistant Professor


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Main Research Interests

In the history of political thought: Marx and Marxism, ancient Greek political philosophy (especially Aristotle), classical political economy, Heidegger and his students.

In contemporary ethical and political thought: republicanism, moral particularism, institutionalism and non-ideal theory.

In social theory and philosophy of the social sciences: social ontology, institutional economics, prudential rationality.


Recent Publications

Journal Articles:

"All Natural Right Is Changeable: Aristotelian Natural Right, Prudence, and the Specter of Exceptionalism," The Review of Politics 74 (2012), 261–283

“The Reconstitution of Marxism’s Production Paradigm: The Cases of Benjamin, Althusser, and Marx,” Philosophical Forum 41:4 (Winter 2010): 413-440.

“Marx in Hell: The Critique of Political Economy as Katabasis.” Journal of Critical Sociology 31:2 (Spring 2005): 37-53.

Book Chapters:

“Feuerbach and the Left and Right Hegelians.” In The History of Continental Philosophy, Volume Two: The Revolutionary Responses to the Existing Order (1840-1900), edited by Daniel W. Conway, general editor Alan D. Schrift. Stocksfield, UK: Acumen, 2010, 17-34.

“Abstraction and Productivity: Structures of Intentionality and Action in Marx’s Capital.” In Marx and Contemporary Philosophy, edited by Andrew Chitty and Martin McIvor. Harmondsworth, UK: Palgrave MacMillan, 2009, 188-203.

 “The Origin of Political Economy and the Descent of Marx.” In Marx, Critical Theory, and Religion: A Critique of Rational Choice. Edited by Warren S. Goldstein. Leiden: Brill Publishers, 2006, 31-58.  (Paperback edition, Chicago: Haymarket Books, 2009.)