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Juan Wang


Assistant Professor

PhD, Johns Hopkins University





Research interests

Chinese Politics, Contentious Politics, Politics in Authoritarian Regimes (Religion and Politics, Law and Politics)


Peer-Reviewed Publications

"Managing Social Stability: The Perspective of A Local Government in China," Journal of East Asian Studies, Vol. 15 (2015), pp. 1-25.

"Shifting Boundaries between the State and Society: Village Cadres as New Activists in Collective Petition," The China Quarterly, Vol. 211 (2012), pp. 697-717.

The Political Economy of Earmarked Transfers in a State-Designated Poor County in Western China: Central Policies and Local Responses” (with Mingxing Liu, Ran Tao, & Rachel Murphy), The China Quarterly, Vol. 200 (2009), pp. 973-994

The Politics of Poverty Mis-targeting in China,” Journal of Chinese Political Science, Vol. 12, No. 3 (2007), pp. 219-236

Going beyond Township and Village Enterprises in Rural China,” Journal of Contemporary China, Issue 14, Vol. 42 (2005), pp. 171-181


Working Papers

"How Does Corruption Spread? The Political Socialization of Corruption in China"

"Religion and Election: The Historical Origin of Various State Regulations in China" 

"Political Competition and Criminal Procedure Law in China"

"Law Makers and Users in Specialized Environmental Courts in China," with Wenting Liang


Current Book Project

The Sinews of State Power: Intra-State Coalition in Local China (Contract with Oxford University Press).