Blema Steinberg

Professor Emeritus
PhD, McGill

bstein [at]

Research interests

  • Decision-Making, with particular emphasis on Psychological Factors
  • Character and Personality Studies of Political Leaders

Selected publications


Blema Steinberg (2008). Women in Power: The Personalities and Leadership Styles of Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, and Margaret Thatcher. Montreal and Kingston” McGill-Queen’s University Press.

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Albert Legault, Janice Stein, John Sigler, Blema Steinberg (eds). L'Analyse des Conflits Internationaux: Quatre Etudes de Cas, Quebec: Centre Quebecois de Relations Internationales, Université Laval, 1979.

Chapters in books

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Articles (*asterisked articles have appeared in refereed journals)

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