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Krzysztof Pelc

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Georgetown University

Research Interests

Political Economy
International Trade
World Trade Organization
International Economic Law

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• Pelc, Krzysztof. 2014. “The Politics of Precedent in International Law: A Social Network Application”, forthcoming, American Political Science Review.

• Johns, Leslie and Krzysztof Pelc. 2014. “Who Gets to Be in the Room? Manipulating Participation in WTO Disputes.”  International Organization, forthcoming. 

• Busch, Marc and Krzysztof Pelc. 2014. "Law, Politics, and the True Cost of Protectionism: The Choice of Trade Remedies or Binding Overhang.World Trade Review 13(1):39-64. 

• Pelc, Krzysztof. 2013. "Googling the WTO: What Search Engine Data Tell Us About the Political Economy of InstitutionsInternational Organization, 67(3): 629-655.

• Pelc, Krzysztof. 2013. “The Cost of Wiggle-Room: Considering the Welfare Effects of Flexibility in Tariff Rates at the WTO”International Studies Quarterly, 57: 91-102.

• Pelc, Krzysztof. 2011. “Why do Some Countries Get Better WTO Accession Terms than Others?” International Organization 65(4): 639-672.

• Pelc, Krzysztof. 2011. “How States Ration Flexibility: Tariffs, Remedies, and Exchange Rates as Policy Substitutes”. World Politics 63(4): 618-646.

• Busch, Marc and Krzysztof Pelc. 2011. “Ruling Not to Rule: The Use of Judicial Economy at the WTO”. in: The Politics of International Economic Law, edited by Broude et al. Cambridge University Press.

• Pelc, Krzysztof. 2010. “Why Do We Not See More Efficient Breach at the WTO?”, 2010. World Trade Review 9(4): 629-642.     (Winner of the 2009 Cambridge University Press Prize for an Essay in International Economic Law)

• Pelc, Krzysztof. 2010. “Constraining Coercion? Legitimacy and Its Role in U.S. Trade Policy, 1975-2000”. International Organization 64(1): 65-96.

• Busch, Marc and Krzysztof Pelc. 2010. “The Politics of Judicial Economy at the World Trade Organization”. International Organization 64(2): 257-279.

• Pelc, Krzysztof. 2009. “Seeking Escape: Escape Clauses in International Trade Agreements”. International Studies Quarterly 53 (2): 349-368.

• Pelc, Andrzej and Krzysztof Pelc. 2009. “Same Game, New Tricks: Recognizing Good Strategies in the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma”Journal of Conflict Resolution 53(5): 774-793.

• Busch, Marc and Krzysztof Pelc. 2009. “Does the WTO Need a Permanent Body of Panelists? Journal of International Economic Law 12(3): 579-594.

Working Papers

• “Making and Bending International Trade Rules: Solving the WTO's Architectural Challenge”, Book Manuscript, McGill University.

• “The Use of Efficient Breach in International Economic Agreements” (with Johannes Urpelainen, Columbia). Revise and Resubmit.

• “How Widespread Are Discriminatory Settlements in the WTO?” (with Jeff Kucik). Revise and Resubmit. 

• “Cooperation in Hard Times: Self-Restraint of Trade Protection” (with Christina Davis, Princeton). Revise and Resubmit.

• “Fear of Crowds in WTO Disputes: Why Don't More Countries Participate?” (with Leslie Johns, UCLA), presented at the Stanford University IR Workshop and the Princeton IR speaker series. Under Review. 

• "Do WTO Disputes Actually Increase Trade?" (With Stephen Chaudoin and Jeff Kucik), Under Review.