Hudson Meadwell

Associate Professor

PhD, Duke University

hudson.meadwell [at]

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Research Interests

  • Nations and Nationalism
  • European Politics
  • European Political Development
  • Comparative Political Theory
  • Political Methodology
  • Philosophy of Social Science


Selected Publications

“The Rationalist Puzzle of War, Quality and Quantity” Online First April 2015

“Philosophic History and Common Culture in Gellner’s Theory of Nationalism”, Nations and Nationalism 21 (2015), pp. 270-288.

“Gellner Redux?” Nations and Nationalism 20 (2014), pp. 18-36.

“Nationalism chez Gellner”, Nations and Nationalism 18 (2012), pp. 563-582.

“Spatial Models of Secession-Proofness and Equilibrium Size”, Quality and Quantity 45 (2011), pp. 641-652.

“Explanations Without Causes and Causes Without Reasons”, Social Science Information 49 (2010), pp. 539-562.

“The Political Dynamics of Secession and Institutional Accommodation”, Regional and Federal Studies 19 (2010), pp. 221-235.Reprinted in Jan Erk and Lawrence M. Anderson, The Paradox of Federalism. Does Self-Rule Accommodate or Exacerbate Ethnic Divisions? (New York: Routledge, 2012).

“Strategy and Sequence in the Secession of the American South”, Theory and Society 37 (2008), pp. 199-227. (Co-authored with Lawrence Anderson).

“Institutions and Political Rationality” in André Lecours ed. New Institutionalism: Theory and Practice” (University of Toronto Press, 2005) pp. 80-97.