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Jacob T. Levy

Tomlinson Professor of Political Theory
Professor of Political Science
Associate member, Department of Philosophy

Ph.D., Princeton University
LL.M., University of Chicago law School

Coordinator of the Research Group on Constitutional Studies and of the Groupe de Recherche Interuniversitaire en Philosophie Politique.
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Research interests

In contemporary normative political theory: multiculturalism, nationalism, liberalism, pluralism, theories of justice, non-ideal theory

In the history of political thought: medieval and early modern thought, especially the French, Scottish, and American Enlightenments and the history of constitutionalist and liberal thought

In legal and constitutional theory: rights of indigenous peoples, federalism, choice of law and conflicts of laws, freedom of association, religious freedom, contract, analytic jurisprudence, legal pluralism


Selected publications:


The Multiculturalism of Fear (Oxford University Press, 2000; in Spanish, El multiculturalismo del miedo, Madrid: Tecnos/ Collección de ciencias sociales, 2003

Rationalism, Pluralism, and Freedom. Forthcoming, Oxford University Press, 2014.


Selected articles:

“Not so Novus an Ordo: Constitutions Without Social Contracts,” 37(2) Political Theory 191-217, 2009

“National and statist responsibility,” 11(4) Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 485-99, 2008

“Three Perversities of Indian Law,” 12(2) Texas Review of Law and Politics 329-68, 2008

“Self-determination, non-domination, and federalism,” 23(3) Hypatia, 60-78, 2008

"Federalism, Liberalism, and the Separation of Loyalties," 101(3) American Political Science Review 459-77, 2007

"Federalism and the Old and New Liberalisms," 24(1) Social Philosophy and Policy 306-26, 2007

"Beyond Publius: Montesquieu, Liberal Republicanism, and the Small-Republic Thesis." 27(1) History of Political Thought, 50-90, 2006

"Liberalism's Divide After Socialism-- and Before," 20(1) Social Philosophy and Policy 278-297 (2003)

“The Multiculturalism of Fear.” 10 Critical Review 271-283, 1996

Selected chapters and occasional writings:

“What It Means To Be A Pluralist,” in Yitzakh Benjabi and Naomi Sussman, eds., Reading Walzer, forthcoming, Routledge.

“’States of the Same Nature’: Bounded Variation in Subfederal Constitutionalism,” in James A. Gardner and Jim Rossi, eds., Dual Enforcement of Constitutional Norms: New Frontiers of State Constitutional Law, forthcoming, Oxford University Press.

“Multicultural Manners,” in Michel Seymour, ed., The Plural States of Recognition, Palgrave, 2010.

"Montesquieu's Constitutional Legacies," in Rebecca Kingston, ed., Modernity in Question: Montesquieu and His Legacy, SUNY Press, 2009

"Contextualism, Constitutionalism, and Modus Vivendi Approaches," in Anthony Laden and David Owen, eds., Multiculturalism and Political Theory, Cambridge University Press, 2007

"Sexual Orientation, Exit, and Refuge," in Jeff Spinner-Halev and Avigail Eisenberg eds., Minorities within Minorities, Cambridge University Press, 2005

"National Minorities Without Nationalism," in Alain Dieckhoff, ed., The Politics of Belonging: Nationalism, Liberalism, and Pluralism, Rowman & Littlefield, 2004. In French as "Des Minorités Nationales Sans Nationalisme," in Alain Dieckhoff, ed., La Constellation des appartenances: Nationalisme. Libéralisme, et Pluralisme, Presses de Sciences Po, 2004

"Liberal Jacobinism," a review essay of Brian Barry, Culture and Equality, 114(2) Ethics 318-336, 2004

"Indigenous self-government," in Nomos XLV: Secession and Self-Determination, Stephen Macedo and Allen Buchanan, eds., New York: New York University Press, 2003

"Language Rights, Literacy, and the Modern State," in Will Kymlicka and Alan Patten, eds., Language Rights and Political Theory, Oxford University Press, 2003

"Three Modes of Incorporating Indigenous Law," in Kymlicka and Norman, eds., Citizenship in Diverse Societies: Theory and Practice, Oxford University Press, 2000

"Classifying Cultural Rights." Nomos XXXIX: Ethnicity and Group Rights, Will Kymlicka and Ian Shapiro, eds., New York: New York University Press, 1997


Working papers at SSRN