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200-level courses

All 200-level courses offered by the Department of Political Science are listed below. Click on the course number for a brief description of the course, the schedule for the current academic year, and the instructor.

For further information, recent course syllabi are also available (in PDF format).

Please note that current course syllabi will be made available online as they are completed.
In some cases, past syllabi are online where current ones are not available.

Courses Offered Winter 2014

POLI 212 Gov\'t&Politics-Developed World
Syllabus: Poli 212 Winter 2014 [.pdf]

POLI 222 Political Proc&Behav in Canada
Syllabus: Poli 222 Winter 2014  [.pdf]

POLI 226 La vie politique québécoise
Syllabus: Poli 226 Winter 2014 [.pdf]

POLI 227 Developing Areas/Introduction
Syllabus: Poli 227 Winter 2014 [.pdf]

POLI 231 Intro to Political Theory
Syllabus:  Poli 231 Winter 2014 [.pdf]

POLI 243 Intl Poltcs of Econ Relations
Syllabus: Poli 243 Winter 2014 [.pdf]

Courses Offered Fall 2013

POLI 211 Comp Government&Politics
Syllabus: Poli 211 Fall 2013 [.pdf]

POLI 221 Government of Canada
Syllabus: Poli 221 Fall 2013 [.pdf]

POLI 232 Modern Political Thought
Syllabus: Poli 232 Fall 2013 [.pdf]

POLI 244 Intl Politics: State Behaviour
Syllabus: Poli 244 Fall 2013  [.pdf]