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Sylvie de Blois

Associate Professor

(cross-appointed to the McGill School of Environment)

(on sabbatical leave 2015-2016)

T: 514-398-7581 |  sylvie [dot] deblois [at] mcgill [dot] ca (E-mail) |


BSc (Agr) (McGill)
MSc, PhD (U Montreal)


Research interests

In my research, I aim to define and integrate concepts and theories from landscape ecology and plant biology in order to provide the scientific basis for biodiversity conservation and restoration efforts. This knowledge is especially critical in the context of a worldwide, unprecedented rate of biodiversity decline and the realisation that networks of nature reserves urgently need to be complemented by conservation measures in production landscapes. Landscape ecologists investigate the causes and consequences of the composition and spatial configuration of landscape mosaics. Much of my work has centered on assessing the impact of agricultural land-uses on plant populations and communities in temperate or tropical ecosystems, impacts which are locally and globally highly significant and increasing. I study plant responses to changes in landscape structure particularly in habitats where conflicts arise between conservation and production systems (e.g., agricultural field margins, buffer areas surrounding nature reserves). I am especially interested in linear habitats that can provide structural and functional connectivity at the landscape scale and the mechanisms responsible for plant resilience in these habitats, whether the plants are of conservation interest or invasive. My work has relevance for biodiversity conservation both within and outside nature reserves, corridor function and species migration patterns, the control of invasive plants, and integrated vegetation management.


Current Research

Revising the classification of the temperate zone's largest angiosperm genus (Carex, Cyperaceae), and training the next generation of sedge systematists



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Select publications

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