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Caroline Begg

Dr Caroline Begg
Faculty Lecturer and Research Associate
Fax: 514-398-7897
caroline [dot] begg [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)

Research interests

Dr Begg conducts research on food security on the island of Montreal and on ecological agriculture practices focussing on soil and crop management. Her additional interest is in the relationships between spatial patterns of crop and soil parameters in agricultural fields and using GIS to identify interactions. Caroline Begg is the mentor to three Macdonald campus clubs; the Macdonald Student-Run Ecological Garden (MSEG), the Out-of-the-Garden Project alternative café (OGP) and the Farm-to-School group http://www.farmtoschoolmacdonald.com/. All three student groups have received the McGill Office for Sustainability Catalyst Award (2012 and 2014).

Undergraduate courses include

AGRI 215 Agro-ecosystems Field course

ENVB 210 The Biophysical Environment

AGRI 340 Principles of Ecological Agriculture

ENVB 415 Ecosystem Management


Undergraduate Honours Thesis supervised

  • BSc Honours Thesis  2014 Victor Tran MSE B.Sc. Hon The City of Montreal: A Geographic Information Systems Approach to Food Security
  • BSc Honours Thesis 2013 Daphne Ben David, MSE, B.Sc. Hon., The Effect of a Cowshed on Kibbutz Ne’ot Semadar’s Water and Nitrogen Cycles: A Systems Analysis
  • BSc Honours Thesis 2013 Sasha Rodrigues. MSE, B Sc Agri Envir Hon, Sustainable Thomson House: A 5-year sustainability and action plan
  • BA Honours thesis 2011 Jessica Pelland MSE BA Hon  Improving McGill’s Food Supply Chain; two part case study of McGill’s food service sustainability, ,
  • BSc Honours thesis 2010  Virginia Moore  BSc Hon Urban Agriculture, food Security and the Economic Crisis in Montréal  ,
  • BSc Honours thesis 2010 Vincent Hamann Benoit BSc Hon Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Influence on Basil and Leek Growth and Uptake of Trace Elements

Recent Publications

Luoh, Jen Wen, Caroline B. Begg, Rachael C. Symonds, Dolores Ledesma , Ray-Yu Yang 2014, Nutritional Yield of African Indigenous Vegetables in Water-Deficient and Water-Sufficient Conditions, Food and Nutrition Sciences,  5: 812-822

Bernatchez, F., Jeannotte, R., Begg, C.B.M., Hamel. C. and Whalen, J.K., 2008, Soil fertility and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi related to trees growing on smallholder farms in Senegal, J Arid Environments 72: 1247-1256

Larocque, G., Fyles, J. and C.Begg 2001. Spatial distribution in soil variables and crop yield: New insights on site-specific agricultural management. CSSS Annual Meeting University of Guelph