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Michael Blome-Tillmann


Associate Professor

Office: Leacock 935

Tel:(514) 398-4400 x094022

On Leave 2014-2015

Email: michael [dot] blome [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Michael Blome-Tillmann)

Website: http://michael-blome.research.mcgill.ca


Michael Blome-Tillmann earned a BPhil (2003) and DPhil (2007) in Philosophy from the University of Oxford. Before joining the McGill faculty in 2009 he was the Stevenson Junior Research Fellow in the Arts at University College, Oxford. His primary areas of research lie in epistemology, the philosophy of language, and especially their intersection (the semantics of knowledge attributions). He has published papers on scepticism, on epistemic contextualism and conversational implicatures, and on the linguistic basis of ethical non-cognitivism.

He enjoys discussing a wide variety of philosophical topics.

Some papers he has written: